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Earnestly Pray For Your Food – Ranteba Piete

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Earnestly Pray For Your Food

OCTOBER 8, 2022
Ranteba Piete

In a vision of the night,the Lord took me to the devil’s Kingdom here on earth.He showed me the hatred of the devil for humans.He showed me how they love to sacrifice human flesh and turn it into food.I saw demons with a body of a human whom they had just sacrificed through the devil agents.These demons made sure to keep the body until it became rotten.When it was rotten and smelling,they did their spells on it and it turned into a fish.

Then the vision changed and I saw a woman holding her son’s hand in a food shop.She was ordering fish.When I saw it,I immediately knew in the spirit that it was the rotten human flesh from the under world.The woman bought it and ate it with her son.She was even removing the bones for him not knowing it was human flesh they were eating.It was a sorrowful sight to me who knew what was really going on.

I also saw the demons drain blood from another human body and turn it into a thick sauce for putting on food.There were many machines for making food in the underworld,ice cream machines etc.

Then again,I moved in the spirit and found myself in a certain eating place.They were selling sausage.It looked nicely fried but when I looked at it,it was moving up and down as if it was breathing.Like it was alive.

Not everything is made in the underworld but even for those not made from there,the devil makes sure to pollute them.The Lord showed me demons.I saw them going into shopping malls,shopping places and markets.They were moving in the spirit and so no one could see them.I saw them touching the goods to make sure they are polluted.They were touching even. the grains of beans on the market!
Take charge and pray,destroy the works of the devil.He has got no power over you.

This is not to scare anyone or to say that you should not eat some food No.Romans 14:14 and so many other verses show that all types of food are good to eat as long as you give a prayer to God for that food. My caution as told to me by the Lord is this.When you pray,do not just pray a fast prayer so that you can eat.Rather, ask the Lord to purify that food and to remove all evil from it.He is able to turn it into real food for nothing is impossible with him.

The Lord said they put spells in food to make people spiritually weak.That is why people even find it hard to fast,they have tied you down spiritually because you do not earnestly pray for your food.

The Lord said we should also never neglect praying for water because it is also polluted.The devil knows people don’t pray for water before drinking it.Hence he is succeeding in his plans unless we pray.

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