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Dungeons and Dragons – Anonymous

Dungeons and Dragons

November 16, 2021 5:48 PM

I Had a waking Vision the other morning. I am going to explain it exactly as I had it. Then I will talk about the things that I understand, the circumstances, and the things I don’t.

I saw a dice that looks like a pentagon with many numbers all over it. When I realized I was having a vision I thought to myself, “SELF”. Memorize the numbers you see. But as I thought that, the numbers began to fade and I could only make out two numbers. Then I awoke and opened my eyes.

The two numbers were… four and Sixteen. (4 &16)

I have never seen anything like this before. But I immediately asked God about the numbers. What does that mean? And almost as quickly I realized 4/16 is my sons birthday and he was coming to visit me on that day which was November 10th 2021. I thought what a sweet reminder for Jesus to wake me up with. Announcing that my son is coming today.

As the day went on I thought of how many times God has given me visions and dreams and I thought they meant one thing to find out later that there was more to it.

So, I began to investigate some things and was praying about it. Starting with, is there a dice that looks like a pentagon? I found out there is. It is called an icosahedron and it is used in the game Dungeons and Dragons.

I was really excited when I found it because you know how dice are consistent? They are set up the same way on every dice. Well, when I located the number 16 on the dice the number next to it was a 14. It was like in my vision on the angle of the dice 0ne of the numbers that faded was the “one” in the “fourteen”. Leaving me to see only the four. But it was exciting to see the four next to the sixteen just like in my vision. And mind you I have never seen this dice before. I also know or should I say knew nothing about Dungeons and Dragons.

I questioned God about His selection of using D&D Dice in a vision. With its obvious Occult overtones. I’m going to share what I think I understand and just bring it to prayer. Time reveals all truth.

This particular dice is thrown in the game to show the success of a target or attack. There is advantage and disadvantage… and it is way more complicated than I care to understand and investigate. I don’t want or need to understand the whole Game of D&D to find what I think God is saying. But, again… Take it to prayer.

My son came to Visit me on Wednesday, November 10th. I am using that as a starting date. (announced by God in a vision using his birthday on a dice the morning he was to come)

Finding out the dice is real and 14 and sixteen are next to each other lead me to the thought of 14-16 days later would be Thanksgiving weekend and Black Friday.

Many people have had visions and dreams stating that we would have a late November attack. (Dana Coverstone, “Shock and Awe” in The U.S. given last year) And the Fig Tree Ministry saw The month of December Calendar to be Blank, this Calendar year. There have been others. To some it all up…

Could this be a warning that Thanksgiving weekend we will be under an attack?

China representing the Dragon. War??

Coming to imprison us? Economically or literally?
Or Dungeons as in death camps for non compliant against the mandate?
My leaning especially when considering other prophecy. Is an EMP and Or Nuclear strike is coming.

We all see in part and know in part. but when we put our parts together a clearer picture emerges.

Is something looming 10 days out?? Pray about it and be braced. Abide in prayer and his presence.

God bless you all in Jesus name


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