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Drowning Dream, False Prophets, Gas Prices, Prophecies Fulfilled, BIBLICAL Spring Festivals

March 10, 2022 11:55 PM

I just lost this whole email again. Satan, I bind and rebuke you, Boice, and Boyce off all of my electronics right now in Yahushua’s Mighty Name, go to hell/sheol never to return! (I learned that Boice and Boyce are demons that affect electronics.)

3/8/22 I had a brief dream of drowning that I think I tried to forget. Anyhow, maybe around twenty people were in some sort of small room like a sauna. They were restrained. Possibly with seat belt like things or a bar over the lap that locks kind of like on a roller coaster ride. Their arms were restrained in shackles in front of them, kind of like the stocks from the past (where the head and arms were between two pieces of wood, with holes for the neck and wrists.) or maybe like police handcuffs. The small room started to fill with water. It filled to the top. The people drowned. I am not sure, but this could be a form of torture that will be used on some believers in the future. I don’t know where this was. I live in the US. Many of us will be beheaded. Some will be tortured by various means. Be ready to die for your faith. We will feel no pain, but will receive martyrs rewards. I was also reminded from the shackles in this dream of the shackles on the train cars set for believers. DON’T EVER GET ON A TRAIN CAR and DON’T GO TO A FEMA CAMP, or any other “community place of help”! I have read things like believers will be hung upside down in the train cars, and things like electronic cattle prods used for torture. I am sorry this is graphic, but people need to know. I am not here to tickle your ears.

I want to thank the person who mentioned to make note of the false prophets on this site. I too have been deceived here and other places. If someone posts something that does not come to pass, make note of it. Remember that name and don’t read anything more from them. Pray for discernment on all of these things. Understand they may come back under another name. Make note of their communication style. Contact Jon if you see a false post and ask him to remove it. False prophets and liars deceive by mixing a lot of truth with a little bit of lies. If you get that funny feeling in your chest, that is conviction from the Holy Spirit. If something feels off, it usually is.

A few of my posts which have come to pass or are coming to pass:

In this dream I saw two suns/Nibiru, but my family did not believe it, even though they saw it too. I have also seen the black horse twice, I have seen the Bear twice, and warning to stock up on food:

Here are two posts where the above prophecy came to pass in real life as my mom saw nibiru and took pictures. Even though I told her what it is in real life, she says she doesn’t know what it is.
(in this one it looks like a dragon cloud is eating the sun)

Grocery and gas price increases, I saw gas at $9/gallon:

I am including this one because many churches encouraged their congregations to drink the kool-aid, and even hosted events for it. Gambling with their souls.

On a separate note, and something I just learned as I think of refreshing the fuel in my gas cans. I discovered something called a safety gas siphon.​ It is a plastic tube that can get the gas from a gas can into your gas tank without drips or spills. Also make sure to get some sort of stabilizer for your gas cans.

I would encourage you all to be looking at this site daily, along with stevequayle.com and naturalnews.com.

Lastly, we are approaching the time of the new year, Abib on Father’s calendar. I follow the Zadok/Enoch/Jubilee calendar which you can learn more about here. Torahislight.org.
Please read more on your own in Lev. 23 and Esther on the festivals Abba Father, YHWH COMMANDS us to observe. The Sabbath/Shabbat is one of these!

Blessings, discernment, encouragement, and shalom,




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