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Dreams / Testimony – Michael Coker

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Dreams / Testimony

October 25, 2020 8:46 PM
Michael Coker

Hi there. My name is Michael.

I had a dream that woke me up and my heart was racing. Fireballs across the sky unfortunately is what I saw.

Now let me tell you a little bit about myself I use to be a professional banjo player. I travel and play. Recently I been changing in the spirit and having more dreams and visions it’s like a video store ready to rent it feel likes.

So my dream….

I was sleeping and I was on my car porch looking up. Mind you I live in Jacksonville FL . SoI saw these fireballs just coming down by the hundreds. Then I saw one hit me. End of dream. -wake up

2 dream – tsunami hitting east coast.

Um ya. There’s a tsunami coming but tiny compared to what God has chosen. Have you heard of la Palma? This will be small compared to what God has chosen. I had so many dreams about this. To many to count


I was at the Jacksonville beach exit when I saw the wave. It was like 50 to 100 ft tall. Then I was back at the house I live in more inland. Saw the wave coming and well you get it.

Gods wave-

Yeah this one was at least 600ft tall if not more. I’m telling you right now if la Palma doesn’t get you this will.

I was on the Jacksonville beach coast in a tall building and this wave was mean looking like mean. Weird thing though it was coming from the south. – thinking about the other vision about the asteroid to hit near Cuba.- dream continues— it got closer but I was able to watch as it washed closer and closer. When it got to me I woke up. — end of dream 2

Dream 3– china–nuke–russian

This dream is kind straight forward.

First off I was at the beach of course Jacksonville beach. I saw Chinese ships which I mistaken for Russian. I’ll get to that in a minute. God wanted to show me so much I believe I got it tangled lol. I know Russian ships in my dream. I know it was meant to be on my beach shores. Anyway by to the dream. So I saw what I saw and ran. Ran as fast as i could. The next place I got to was my grandmas house. Funny thing is no one was there. So makes me wonder if my grandma passes before hand.—- so I go into the house try to contact anyone somehow no luck. I looked at my phone to contact my dad no luck. I was confused. Then I woke up.

Oh ya almost forgot.

Dream– nuke–

Yeah I had to many nuke dreams.

Jacksonville FL is gonna be nuked bc of it navy base and NAS base.

I dreamed I was in my house and the a white light appeared. I knew it was a nuke going off. With the knowing I had. — I had dreams as a little kid of not bieg able to run from something 3 times in a row. Like the slow motion running. Scary. —- also I used to pile my toys and books like I was under rubble when I was a kid.— dream—- I told my gf to put on thick clothes to minimize the fallout hopefully. Woke up.




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