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Dreams of Surveillance, Zombies and Demonic Attacks, and God’s Judgments Soldiers, Be On Your Guard! – Jezreel

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Dreams of Surveillance, Zombies and Demonic Attacks, and God’s Judgments
Soldiers, Be On Your Guard!

November 9, 2021 2:57 AM

(October 1, 2021) Dream:

In my dream I was in a gym like at my old elementary school. We were standing, gathering, waiting for something (I’m not sure what) to begin. There were maybe 30 people roughly in this massive gym waiting around seeming confused but patient and I noticed there were lots of seemingly random obstacles scattered all around. I saw tables, lights on stands, and even street lights inside the gym. I was crouching a lot like I was hiding and running around to avoid being caught. While we were waiting and I ran around, blue/purple lights on these stands started turning on in scattered places (not all lights) and as soon as I was in those areas, I knew I had to flee from there like I could start to see people turning into dark/black demonic creatures/zombies. I was running around still crouching and more lights were appearing but there weren’t many people in the gym and it almost seemed like a large empty warehouse in size. Not many people were under the blue lights. I think I wanted/maybe had the power to destroy the equipment knocking it over as I ran, but a man’s voice in my spirit (Holy Spirit) told me I still needed access to these buildings so I couldn’t vandalise and blow my cover just yet. Then as I ran to keep a low-profile, I was collecting disassembled pieces of a wheelchair that were placed around the gym that no one else seemed to notice yet. As I started collecting some pieces, people started to take other parts so I couldn’t find all the pieces, I was running in circles, so I left that project.

We were about 15-20 feet from the side wall of this giant room and there was a gym divider down separating us from another room. But then something happened, an alarm or something. People started lining up and filing out a door near the room hidden by the divider (I could see people standing by their feet underneath the curtain or through the wall somehow). A lot happened in the dream now very quickly. In the end, I remember being ahead of all the people with us in the gym, running up giant stairs. If you knew how to wall run or jump like in some popular wicked videogames, there was a separately designed section on the right to get up quicker. But it seemed like though we all recognized what it was, no one knew how to use it. The steps seemed giant but against the wall on the left was a normal sized railing I used to pull myself up. Also along the railing on the wall were brick markings symbolizing ability to wall run here as well. Eventually we got to a landing and someone behind me started talking about Jesus and how he warned about this this happening. Another person pointed out that they’ve been advertising this idea for so long now. I knew they were talking about the demons transitioning the world to these newly designed structures to better accommodate them and for normal people. It would be impossible to climb these stairs, but I knew all people’s transformations were coming now. Some people to receive strength/ability from God; others, turning demonic and gaining superhuman strength and ability. No one was going to need normal stairs anymore. I thought about this as I approached an identical flight of stairs as the first set. However, I thought this was impossible to climb now as there was no more railing to hold onto and the same sized steps for a rough idea were taller than an average person. They were giant sized. On the left wall were identical wall run/bricks engraved markings and on the right was a wall jump section no one even knew how to use. I was at the head of all these people and I had to really push myself but I madly climbed up the stairs somehow on the left. I didn’t feel fully transformed yet though I felt more power entering me the closer I was to the top, but it took a lot of energy. I felt physically tired and slow but somehow jumped and pulled myself up one step at a time.

(October 5, 2021) Dream:

In a black tunnel on a rollercoaster ride cart or walking through the tunnel. A few people were with me. 2 walking directly in front of me side-by-side. The woman on the right was nervous. The man appeared less so. But we all knew these drones were coming and the drones had facial recognition and identification tasks. So calmly I reached to my right and grabbed a couple items: a square printed photo of a panda face or something, and a square sheet of cardboard and I casually recommended us all to cover our faces with them. The drones came out of the same spot one right after the other. They flew in the exact same pattern as the one before it like a subway line only a few feet above us. And finally, I knew that if we didn’t cover our faces, they would fly directly in front of our faces, and in my spiritual vision, I started to see a dark, monstrous, zombie person? with evil eyes, wrinkled skin, pointy teeth and ready to eat. I don’t know what the zombies had to do with the drones. In my vision it looked like maybe the drone would shoot us a picture of these monsters but we shouldn’t even look at them. When we covered our faces they flew right past us but more and more were being released.

(November 4, 2021) Nighttime Vision:

In my vision at night, I saw an older looking gentleman in overalls and a plaid button-up shirt descending down some stairs towards the left. He leaned back and casually strolled down the large steps (half his height), with his eyes closed and a happy smile on his face. But suddenly, he tripped and his body flung forward towards a landing at the bottom where his face and jaw kept slamming against the ground over and over rapidly, like when something glitches out and I heard the sound of the impact over and over. Nothing could stop it. Then he got up and faced me and his hair was disheveled like crazy, his face was black, teeth like fangs, claws, red eyes like slits. His face was about the size of his full body now in my view and it kind of looked similar to a lion’s face. The vision ended and I prayed the blood of Jesus over me and fear left me.

(October 17, 2021) Dream:

My notes are really brief and seemingly random but take this to the Lord for confirmation through the Holy Spirit. Let him lead you if you need guidance. All praise and glory goes to the Lord God Almighty! Thank you, Father for your warnings and dreams.

Big heavy raindrops. Raining sideways. Believers gathering. Signs undeniably evident. God quick to bring judgments.
I was holding a banana peel in my hand while fighting with someone. Seconds later, an ant infestation started creeping out of a plastic bag on my floor nearby. I knew this was my punishment for fighting but the ants had no effect on me yet in the dream. But these were unusually aggressive ants and they came immediately as I sinned when I never had this issue before so I knew this was a sign from God. The Lord requires obedience. After ant infestation, I prophesied this is a sign of INVASION! INVASION! And I prophesied that the ants were so aggressive that by morning there would be no banana peel left as they would have eaten it all.
Dry breasts. Mothers can’t breastfeed. Research showed something about black ring around nipple? (I have no medical background…)

Running out of time now. Stock up whatever you can — READ THE WORD NOW!

Something about an angry king and a (full?) moon?
Weird bugs and more of them invading. Bugs invading my room, but knowing it was a sign, I had no fear of them (the ants). The other bugs I saw were 3 red/green, green, and black(?) “bugs” unlike anything I’ve ever seen. These had huge spherical angry glaring eyes that kept their eyes on me at all times as they popped in and out from behind furniture and buzzed around my room. About the size of a large coin with a helicopter propellor helping them float around and maybe 4 short pointy feet attached to their eyes on either side. It kind of looked like a dragonfly I guess but with extremely exaggerated eyes and no extruded body. Wisdom from the Lord: Cameras, Drones? Spies. Be on your guard against every FORM of evil.

God’s voice like thunder strikes fear of God immediately in your heart. Always obey him swiftly. IF I AM KING, WHERE IS MY HONOUR?!
You could tell God’s face turned against us. Punishments were more severe and happened almost immediately. Reminders to repent diligently. Someone came to deliver abominations to my room bringing bugs in my room and bad infestation in my hand. Christian persecution worse? A friend lived with us and believers were phoning each other and transcribing messages by hand. Something about paying bills, they gave access for others to see past payments. Maybe help financially? Had to do with secret communications between believers. Can’t keep up against punishments. I was trying to finish something, really troubled by the bad/weird massive pounding raindrops, bug infestation, and no one had understanding what was going on or why any of this was even happening.

Monitoring payments.

Because of their large eyes, the weird bugs in my dream reminded me of the 3 frog spirits from Revelation 16:13:

Then I saw three evil spirits that looked like frogs; they came out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet. 14 They are the spirits of demons performing miraculous signs, and they go out to the kings of the whole world, to gather them for the battle on the great day of God Almighty.

As always, please pray about this to the Lord for confirmation and further revelation. I know this is from the Spirit of the Lord. Thank you, Father for giving me time to repent and share your messages with your people. All for your glory, Father and for your praise. Bless your name, Lord, and all your children in the name of Jesus Christ, Hallelujah! Amen.


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