Warning, Asteroid, Dream, Three Days of Darkness, War

Dreams – Mary Anderson


Jun 2, 2019, 10:52 AM
Mary Anderson

This morning when I woke up, I was remembering seeing an asteroid like rock just sitting in space. It wasnt moving, it was just sitting the. I felt it was God’s asteroid.

As I awoke I heard declare My destiny over your life and your children’s and grandchild life. As I was laying there with my eyes shut, I saw green trees with the sun shining bright. It was a beautiful day. Then the vision started to shake. Then I heard howling in my left ear. I asked God what it was. He sent me to Psalms 58 and 59.

The next night, I saw a house in the dark. There was a shofar horn over the front door. It was turned upside down and stuck into the house. I felt fresh oil from God was going to be poured into it. I received these last two dreams after I asked God about the 3 days of darkness.

I heard my phone ringing. I picked it up and looked at the caller i.d. It said Jesus. Then I woke up.

I awoke hearing warning, danger, they are here. War, destruction. Rise up, rise up, rise up.

As I was laying in bed going to sleep, I could see what looked like three small brown fingers laying on my arm in the Spirit. They were from a flying reptile. Then I saw a close up of the eye of a very large reptile, like a t-rex. It was waking up. The eye looked like it was waking from a very deep sleep. This was two days after the blood moon in January.


In my dream I saw Beth Meyers saying, it’s okay to get a tattoo even though Gods word said not to. It was like she was saying the Old Testament didnt matter. I know you can be forgiven for all sins by the blood of Jesus if you dont know, but this seemed like she was going against God in the dream.

I saw Jesus on the other side of a wall with two doors on it. He was knelt down praying for the nations of people. He was telling us to come out of this world and go into Him.

As I was listening to praise music I felt the need to pray. I went and annointed my prayer cloth with oil and began to pray. I felt the Holy Spirit tell me to cut up the cloth and put it over my doors and every opening to my house. I could see things like maybe demons crawling over the outside if the house. Cant say what they looked like, they were just there but couldn’t get in. I was given the scripture Joel 3:12-21.

I saw a flash vision of a radio tower that was all black. It had a pentagram star hidden at the top.


I woke up hearing a trumpet blowing. After I woke up, I could still hear it. My window was open and I could hear it plainly.

The next night, I woke up hearing Sanheadrin being screamed at me. Then I saw a red light switch with a sulphur yellow button to push like an alarm.

I saw a large bull elk standing by a forest line. Behind Him, I could see glows of a large fire behind a clump of trees. It seemed the elk was waiting for people to follow Him out of the fire, but I didnt see anyone come out.

I was going into a large building like the courthouse in my hometown. It was full of all kinds of families. I was going to find my children I think. I had on a white bathing suit and was carrying a white towel for a covering. Noone noticed what I was wearing or the towel I had for a covering. Then men in black swat gear came thru the door with guns and handcuffs. I got up and ran and entered into a long narrow room. As I got to the end, it closed into a “v”. The only way out was to jump into an oven I saw on the left. I wouldn’t go in it and the next thing I knew I was outside and there were people on a golf cart who picked me up.

Another dream, I saw a rolling road of fire coming from the East out of the sky. This was in 2011. I had a few dreams when I was younger, but most of them began in 2010.


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