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April 24, 2020 10:46 AM
Jen Beebe

Something interesting/dream as well…

A few days ago an old coworker reached out to me and said she used to be in touch with the Lord but back slid. I told her that the Lord is waiting for her to call out to him. I said all you have to do is ask him what he wants u to do or read. (Keep this person in mind)

On Monday (I think), a friend shared a video of thousands of black birds that were swarming and flying radically in a Walmart parking lot in some town. I then shared it to my page. I felt it meant something at the time I shared it but didn’t know what. My sister in law commented and said that video might have been posted a few years prior. I tried to find the date of the original but could not. Anyways, today in my memory on FB was a dream I had last year..I shared it to my fb again.

Dream: Apr 22 2019 – I was outside and it was a cloudy day and all the sudden I saw tons and tons of birds in the air like they were in a wind storm. It looked ike they were going in a crazy pattern but I knew to pay attention to the weather and then the wind started to pick up. I ran home and told Ryne that it was time. No sooner did I say that it became black inside and outside the house. Ryne wanted to go outside and I told him no…dream ended and I woke up. I then posted a scripture… Ezekiel 30:3 For the day is near, Even the day of the Lord is near; it will be a day of clouds, A time of doom for the nations.

Fast forward to an hour ago…my coworker messaged me and told me that last night she asked the Lord what he wants her to read and he told her Ezekiel 30:3! Then, to make things even crazier…I called my sis and was telling her and she said Jen u are not gonna believe this BUT…my bible that I keep by my bed at night is opened to Ezekiel. THEN…it gets even crazier…I also talked to my friend Corissa and tell her all this. She decides to grab her bible to read that passage and as she randomly grabs her bible to open it…she opens it up to EZEKIEL!!!

The Lord is telling us something big! He also shared some things to me on my walk this morning which is another crazy story but this one.

Jen Beebe

DREAM: 4-22-20

Last night I laid down to pray and ask the Lord to reveal anything that he wants me to know. I had a dream that was all sequential. In the dream I was in a building the ground started shaking very badly the building started to crumble and the windows shattered. I knew it was a very bad earthquake. then it changed to the biggest flash of lightening, then it changed to a rainbow, then it changed to satans chains, and then it changed to either heaven or heaven coming down on earth.

Interpretation: I feel that it is all actual and a future event. I feel that there is a coming earthquake. Either an actual Earthquake or the world is going to shake around us because on my walk this morning I heard the same thing in my spirit. The lightening was the rapture. The rainbow is Gods promise. The chains is the part where Satan is still loose on earth to do his business. The heaven coming down to earth is the new heaven at an appointed time. It was like all sequence of events.


Dream: 3-23-20

Dream 1. My husband Ryne and I were in a doctors office. He was seated in a chair diagonal from me. I was sitting next to a man and his elderly mom. He grabbed my hand and wanted me to pray for him as he was waiting for some test results. I prayed and he shoved my hand away and scooted over. He motioned me to look in front of him because his mom moved to another chair. She was jealous that I prayed for him. INTERPRETATION: I think the devil is mad that I am praying for others and leading them to Christ which is why the woman moved to another chair once I did. Plus, mad that I am posting everything the Lord is showing me.

Dream 2. Ryne and I were at a gathering outside with church family. I saw our pastors son and his wife from church and we were all celebrating and having fun. INTERPRETATION: I don’t know if this celebration is a timeframe of events or just that we love our church family.



I was in an apartment and I look outside my window and I see my grandma who passed away. She looks at me and I said omg are you back? She smiled and shook her head yes! I woke up Ryne and said LOOK! I started yelling… I TOLD YOU SO, I TOLD YOU SO, I TOLD YOU SO! Because no one believed my dreams or visions or words from the Lord. I got up and made Ryne go down to sit by her as on this bench so she couldn’t leave. I ran to get my Aunt so she could see her mom. As I got outside I saw a dog that had passed away that was following me to. I saw my husband still sitting on the bench with my grandma so I kept looking and walking. I saw a friend of mine. She yelled THANKS JEN, I WENT AND GOT MY GRANDMA (I felt she called her a nickname though). However, I saw 2 little boys with her as well. I then looked around this park like setting and saw other families walking to get their loved ones. I turn to walk back to ryne and my grandma and I saw a COVID-19 van…. DREAM ENDED AND I WOKE UP!!!

I messaged my friend as the Lord told me to reach out to her for confirmation and then share this. I message my friend and ask her if she was pregnant or had a miscarriage. Today she has a little girl. I did not see the little girl in the dream of people she was picking up. It was her grandma and 2 boys. She told me she had 2 miscarriages with 1 being recently. She felt they were boys!

I keep telling everyone the Lord is real! I had no clue about her situation. HE is about to show up in a big way. HE told me he will and now we wait….. Praise to JESUS CHRIST MY KING!!!

Jen Beebe

Dream: 3-26-20

Here is a dream that I posted on FB a year ago to the day. I was outside of what appeared to be a room of some sorts. I was looking through a glass window at the United States. It all the sudden started flipping upside down and kinda going crazy motion wise. I remember standing there thinking..is this something I am supposed to remember Lord? I then saw it flip upside down again and saw an explosion in Florida but looked like the shape of Texas (that part I do not understand). I then saw the words either by April or in April. – – this aligns with now because the United states is in a panic and chaos but I saw the words APRIL in the dream. I feel this is the BIG month.
Jen Beebe

Dream: 3-27-20

In my dream I was at my grandmas house (she has since passed). I was babysitting but I did not see the baby as it was sleeping in another room. I was in the kitchen and the freezer door was open. There was something very big in the way and the door would not close. I knew that door needed closed before my aunt got home. It then was gone and now the door shut. My aunt was home with my 2 brothers, their friend who is a trouble maker, and an old coworker. They had just robbed a bank. Once the door shut I was in a room across from the kitchen and heard. Tonight we dine like kings! I knew I was leaving. I looked over and saw this big elegant table decorated as if for a wedding. But before I left I look across to the kitchen and saw my aunt who was cooking. I knew she was not coming with me. I look in the room and I see my coworker. She was wearing this red lacy dress. I look at her and said wow you look pretty but once I got up to her I saw underneath she was naked and said to myself …ewww. I walk past her to ask my brothers and friend if they were gonna give me money since I was leaving. one brother handed it over very easily. he gave me $100 bill. the friend kinda handed over a $100 and someone else gave me another $100. I can’t remember if it was my brother who doesn’t have faith or the coworker in red. I felt bad for taking the money because I knew it was bank robbery money. The dream ended I immediately woke up with the lyrics…Step into a new day, We can rise up from the dust and walk away, can dance upon our heartache, yeah So light a match, leave the past, burn the ships, And don’t

Interpretation: The big thing in the freezer is the hand of the restrainer. The one holding back satan until the day of the Lord. When that is removed the door shuts and we go home because I heard…tonight we dine as kings. I then saw the wedding table. But…before I left… I represented the body of Christ. I saw my aunt in the kitchen and she was not going with me. I know she is catholic so that is who she represented to me. I walked up to the woman in the red lace dress and told her she looked pretty. To me she represents sin (she is also a lesbian) which the church has said it is ok to be but I feel as if it was more for sin. Once I got up close she was naked and I said to my self ewww. That is because we as a church are ok with it but on the inside we don’t like it and know it is wrong. Then one brother eagerly gave me money. I think you have Christians who love to help, some who half a@@ love to help, and other who flat out don’t. Then I woke up to that song


Words/Visions – 3-30-20

Some of this is personal to me but I felt led to share…On this day I was cleaning and listening to worship music and a song came on and brought me to my face…not my knees. I closed my eyes and saw the Lord on the cross. I sat in his presence and then got in the shower and he said THIS IS IT! Then he showed me …me as a warrior girl with a coat of armor on. I know that he is using me in end time ministry. I had the holy spirit all over me so much that I almost lost my breath and it felt like someone took my breath from me. I then saw someone standing at the entrance of a hospital. I felt like it was the Holy Spirit that is going to go and cure everyone. The Lord led me to pray bodly for cures for cancer, for the deaf to hear for the blind to see. He said we will see miracles upon miracles. With the urgency of this I thought it was going to happen Easter week but it did not so I started to doubt. I keep hearing it so I know I am not wrong. I asked the Lord and he said soon. It is all in his perfect timing.

Dream on 3-31

I remember a dream in 2015 that popped back up on my fb page. It was nighttime. I saw a lady in the sky giving birth. Which I knew represents the sign of the times. Across the street was a house and I could hear the people in the house cheering and yelling in excitement. I heard the bulls won the championship which represented the month of March..as in march madness. The pandemic started here in march and it is surely madness. I knew at the time the lady giving birth began the birth pains.


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