Dreams from Spring of 2012 – David Willard

Dreams from Spring of 2012

Jun 7, 2019, 8:58 PM
David Willard


My name is David and I wanted to share a series of dreams my wife and I had back in 2012. I have only shared this with a few people, but because of the current state of the world I felt it necessary share it now before it is too late to help anyone. During this time I had three dreams and my wife had one.

The first dream was the most vivid and frightening by far. I first saw my self walk around the side of a building that sat on a high hill. There was a virtually unlimited view that was few hundred feet above the treetops below. It was in late spring or summer as all the grass and trees were green. As I watched myself standing there looking off into the sky I turned to see what was so interesting. As I did I found myself back in my body standing there looking at a huge cloud approaching. As it approached it grew to take up the entire horizon as far as I could see. It was brown and rolling and roaring as it came at me darkening the sky. Suddenly a face appeared in the cloud as it neared me. It was an older face of a man with a grey beard and hair. It immediately came to my mind it was God. Within a few seconds his eyes locked with mine and him focussed gave shot into my eyes like bolts of lightening. In that instant I fell on the ground on my face and was immediately awake sitting straight up in bed screaming NO! This place where there dream took place is someplace I had never been or seen before. It is the place I moved to in 2015 and now live. It is in the Southeastern US and the cloud was coming from the southeast.

My second dream took place at a meeting of some sort. It was in a large building like a conference center of some type. There people getting ready for a press conference or something and there is lots security. They are hanging large red curtains in front of these large glass windows, they were maybe 20 or more feet tall. This was in a foyer area outside a lot of meeting rooms. There was a man there that was part of the security team, but he was secretely planting explosives to assassinate someone, I don’t know who. I could feel his nervousness as he hid them in the top of the curtains. This is all I got from this dream.

After having these two dreams within a couple of days of each other I was wondering what was going on, could it actually be prophetic?

A few days later I had my third dream. I won’t give all the details, that’s not the important part here. In the dream there was an emergency of some type amd people were hiding g in the basement of a church, maybe 20 or 30 people. Anyway, the next night we had bad weather. The next morning I was watching the news and the main story was about a tornado that had hit a church in our area and there were a group of people taking shelter in the basement, it was just like my dream. I took this as a confirmation that these dreams were things that would come to pass one day. I just alway wonder when I should expect this to happen amd I thing my wife’s dream could say something about when.

I guess it was a few months later that my wife came to me and said she had a dream. She never has dreams like this. She didn’t remember much except there was some event, a world changing event that was going to happen. She said everyone knew something was going to happen but they didn’t know what it was exactly. The only thing they knew for certain was the date of the event. The date from her dream was June 12.

So, you should understand that I am alway a little apprehensive when this date comes around each year. I have always been interested in prophecy and 2019 has heightened that interest. I’m aware of how God uses numbers to confirm thing or steer us in a direction. I decided to look up bible chapter and verse that are 6:12. I found many that deal with sin and judgement. However, Rev 6:12 that tells of the great earthquake just left me awestruck. Could it be that God put the actual date of this in the bible with the verse that described it? With everything I see now I believe it is very possible.

I just hope you find a way to shate this information and maybe it will help others to prepare spirituality be accepting Jesus as their lord and savior and to prepare in the physical world as I believe we will all see considerable judgements before the rapture.

Your brother in Crist,


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