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Dreams for Paris: Fires, Social unrest, Political upheaval, Massive rebellion and violence, Police State – Christ’s small sheep

Dreams for Paris: Fires, Social unrest, Political upheaval, Massive rebellion and violence, Police State

March 7, 2022 5:46 PM
Christ’s small sheep

I had a number of dreams in 2018 specifically about Paris/France

April 2018 Social Unrest, Fires

I dreamt My family and I were in Paris, buildings were on fire, people running around screaming, social unrest. My husband was to report to the government, they were drafting men to join their army to quelle the civil unrest.

June 4 2018

My family and I were on our way to Paris for administrstive purposes, on our way there, we passed neighborhoods where there were many uniform-looking low-rise buildings in red brick or pure white in color. There were a number of people out walking around without any worries. Once in Paris, the scene changed, the city looked run-down, and parts were destroyed. The atmosphere was tense, people dressed like motor cyclist or super heros with capes, as we drove through streets, they were huddled over garbage can fires to stay warm, there were no smiles, everyone seemed to be loners, weary, and even aggressive toward one another. Rebellion and disorder were everywhere. The only commerce taking place was near a train station where they sold good-luck charms, sorcery potions, and trinkets. I remarked that there were no old people, children or babies on the streets, only youth.
There was one street in particular where we stopped the car; suddenly, I was alone, looking at a once beautiful street that was now ransacked and in bad condition. In the background I heard anti-government propoganda on a loud speaker, the streats strewn with the same anti- government propaganda. I saw a factory building that was empty, a garland of dolls heads each with a label with writing hung over the windows. The University next door was empty, desks were overturned, cobwebs everywhere, textbooks and paper strewn all over the floor. The only thing ‘open’ were government offices. One office was very clean and a neatly dressed lady was printing t-shirts that had a man with a sun symbol (I understood to be Jesus) depicted as ‘bad’, below him was printed a man with the number 666, this man was ‘good’, and as the woman explained, was the ‘ messiah’ that they were looking for who would bring peace. In another office was a masculin looking girl who was working on a campaign to overthrow the government. As I left this office, I suddenly heard a loud horn noise that sent everyone running for shelter as they yelled ‘police!’

July 3 2018

Child custody laws in France dream
I had a dream that babies and children were no longer raised by their parents, but taken by the state after the age of 6 mos. to be raised.
I saw women hiding with their children, afraid that their children would be taken from them.

Please pray about these dreams, and pray for France!

Christ’s small sheep

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