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Dream: Yours Charmingly, Obama! – Humbled for Service

I am a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the King of kings and Lord of Lords. The God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob. Before Him there is no other God. It is He who plucks up nations to build them, it is He who pulls down to destroys them.

Towards the end of November 2018, I had a dream that I believe is an indicator of the urgency and lateness of the hour we are living in.

In the dream, something very significant had happened in the United States of America. Something that seemingly had affected the administration of the government. What had happened, I really don’t know. But it was very significant as I we will find out in the dream.

The dream began with me walking with the Lord in a building. In many of my dreams and visions, and even once in real life, the Lord appears right behind my left shoulder so that I am able to know He is there but never able to turn around and look at Him. In very few dreams and visions He has appeared at my left side or in front of me and I have been able to see Him partially or completely. But in this particular instance, as is majority of the cases, He was right behind me, by my left shoulder.

We were on a corridor in a building and we came to a door on the right side of the corridor. The Lord reached out with His hand and opened the door and we got into an office, with me leading and the Lord following suite. The office was a tiny office perhaps 10ft x 10ft length and width. The office had one large window, which opened to the view of the White House in Washington DC, USA. Inside the office was a small beige desk, the non-executive type that are used by junior staff in many organizations. In front of the desk were two visitors’ chairs and apart from that, there nothing else in the office. Seated behind the desk was Barack Obama!

“William, have a seat” Barack said, beaming with a babyish smile as he opened conversation. I sat on the visitor’s seat on the left seat but the Lord remained standing at the door.

Barack started talking to me as though we were good friends and had known each other a long time. The conversation picked up immediately went quite well for a first time meet. His voice was very soft and smooth and very reassuring. He smiled a lot and had dozens of rib tickling stories. His jokes were just too hilarious. I remember laughing until my ribs ached. I laughed until I was out of air at one time and my eyes cried. At one time I almost fell off the chair. One time I remember thinking to myself “this man is so charming!!!”

He did most of the talking and kept me well captivated by his conversation. There was something unique and different about him. Somehow he was able to hold his listener captive by his words.

Anyway, about an hour passed without me even realizing and he turned his gaze away from me and was now looking up facing the Lord. His boyish smile diminished and he became serious as he now faced the Lord to talk to Him. All this time, the Lord remained standing and did not utter a word or make any movement.

Then Barack said to the Lord “Ummm!! Now that this has happened (referring to the event), I think it’s time you allowed me to … you know … its time you let me …” He said as he motioned with his head pointing to the White House. Now he was shy and afraid to say out what he really wanted.

Basically, he was asking the Lord to allow him return to the White House. At this point, I stood up and removed a business card with the names Barrack Obama that was in my back right pocket. There were titles and addresses as is normal with business cards, that I was not able to read. He reached out and took it with his left hand.

Then I said to Barack, “We know who you are”.

After, the Lord opened the door and we left, and the dream ended.

I woke up astonished at how real this dream had been. It was as though I had actually met this really charming man, Barack Obama.

Relevant Scriptures:

Matthew 24: 24 “… false christs and false prophets will arise… to deceive, if possible even the elect”

Romans 13:1 “… and the authorities that exist are appointed by God.”

Jeremiah 18: 9 -10 “And the instance I speak concerning a nation and concerning a kingdom, to build it and to plant it, if it does evil in My sight so that it does not obey My voice, then I will relent concerning the good which I said I would benefit it”

Your brother in Christ, William

Humbled for Service

Nairobi, Kenya


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