Dream: You Will Know Who Has the Mark of the Beast by the Spirit – Patti Young

Patti Young

April 29, 2018

The Lord gave me a dream in the early
hours of this morning. I am gifted more
with visions, I see things always have
visions, but have probably had about
5 or 6 significant dreams in the last 6

I was with another person and we
were high up on a mountain top, and we
started to come walking down towards
the valley. I said to the other person
with me, I am so thirsty the climb up
this mountain has been very hard I want
something to drink, but there was no
where to drink because we were out
in the wilderness. Strange, I’m coming down the back side of this mountain there was a machine that held drinks in it, but I looked through my purse, I had no money to buy a drink. I continued down the back side of this mountain I saw two men, probably in their thirties, one was a regular sized man and an- other was the size of a dwarf. I noticed they had a backpack and they were
doing their laundry which was strange,
I knew there was a machine to do their
laundry and and I knew everything they owned was in that backpack. |
said to them, do you have any money
for the machine so that I could buy a
drink l’m thirsty And the small that was
a dwarf brought his hand up to me and
said, i dont have any money but I
can get you a drink. l stood in wonder
of what he was saying, then he lifted
up his right hand to me and showed
me his middle finger. l didn`t see
anything at first, but then he pressed
the finger and it light lit up in his nail
bed, and what l saw was a barcode
with a hunch of other numbers on lt
He dldn’t know, but my heart started
to pound very hard, l knew that he had
the mark and he could buy or sell and
he could get anything he wanted. Then
the Lord showed me that’s how he
was doing his laundry, he was paying
with the barcode , When I looked at him
asked him if l can take a picture of it?
Then l felt a complete uneasiness
Coming from him, somerhing started
to rise in him, but he told me yes, he
said why do you wanna picture of this?
l said my daughter is an RN, a nurse l‘m,
just amazed at how they do this and how lt works. I want in show her so. He then touched that middle finger and the light came on, a barcode and other numbers I
snapped a picture i told him thank you
I didn’t want a drink from him, I would
be on my way. l noticed when he and
his parter were doing the laundry it
was all clean, but then they were laying
their clean clothes on the dirt, the dust
Of the earth, folding them and putting
them back in their backpack.

The Lord showed me these things about this dream. Their outside they look like
mere men, when he pressed the light
On in me finger and l saw me barcode
I sensed and saw a demonic forces
rise up in him, he was not himself, i
knew it, i could see with my spiritual
eyes but I remained calm and didn’t
let him know that i knew who he was,
The Lord showed me that on the
outside in the days they are to come,
that men will look l like any other
man, but they have been marked and
they will be around us, but only by the spirit will you desern the marked ones. The Lord was revealing it me his mark because
it was hidden, you couldn’t see it,
you didn’t know it was there until his
frnger was lit up, the significance of
me mark being on the middle finger
was showing they had put there finger
up to God, and all that he stood for,
they wanted no part of him, they had
made (their choice and this is what
they wanted. The other thing the Lord
snowed me, is they were entering up
the back way, coming up the back of
the mountain trying to come up to the
Holy mountain where me Remnant
will be. You have to recognize your
enemy, you must know your enemy.
and in the days ahead you will only
know them by discernment, very, very
sharp discernment. There is no other
way that you will know them you can
not see them with your natural eye.

When l was a small girl 8 years old, I
was walking to the bus stop, and than
I saw a small dwarf like demon, lt
was a demon and it looked at me

I knew that it was a demon, it followed
me to the bus stop. It got on the bus
with me and sat on the seat by me. I
remember to this day I was so afraid, I was scared because his demon was following me, I could see it and nobody else could and I couldn’t tell anybody about this demon. This dwarf that I saw in my dream was the same thing the Lord brought back to my memory of what I saw as a young girl at 8 years old. We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities, ” even now we are vessels of the spirit of God or vessels of this world with demons flesh, most of the flesh on
the earth today is nothing more than
manifested demons. The earth is
filled with all of its wickedness, these
are sons of their father by taking the
mark they identified who they belong
to and when the mark has been taken
by the flesh, the demons wiII rise up
and will occupy them. Remember the
word of God tells us to beware of man,
I don’t remember the Lord telling us to beware of the man. I don’t remember reading any-where in the Bible the Lord telling us to be afraid of the nephilum or
hybrids or giants or aliens. When you go to the scripture it tells us over and over again, to beware of man. God never said to beware of all these other things. You have to remember, the beast that is soon
to arise is a man. He is a host with
the in dwelling of satan, the dragon,
who will give him his power. Always
remember we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but principalities and powers, the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of satan.


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