Dream, Tsunami

Dream: Tsunami – Maricar Anne M. Sibugan

By Maricar Anne M. Sibugan

July 26, 2016

Last night, I dreamed about a tsunami here in our country. People would not believe that this would happen. They keep on continuing what they are doing instead of Praying. I keep on shouting that they’ll follow me to Pray & go to the mountains to rescue. But many people didn’t listen to me, even my family. As the sea level gets higher & higher, & the islands gets bigger & bigger as it moves near the town, some people are just watching the sea because they couldn’t believe that it was a tsunami because we didn’t experience an earthquake. I sit down near the seashore, crying & Praying to the LORD that HE will save us. Repentance. & I’m begging everyone to go the mountains but they are not listening to me. Until I find a vehicle that could bring me to the mountains. I saw my two co-youth in the church, they follow & together we climbed to the mountains & watched what is happening in the lowland. People are falling in line like they are zombies, they’re not even talking. They’re just watching how the water boils until it produced a very big tsunami. As I look back, rich families who are popular here in our town, I saw them sitting & watching the people w/o giving an information that this is already a tsunami, will destroy the surroundings & ends their lives.
End of dream.

Please brothers & sisters, Pray for everyone.

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