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Dream: Tsunami came! – Limelight Rain

Limelight Rain

1/5/18 11:29 AM

I dream that Tsunami came! We were on the top 3rd floor! Me mom, dad, 2nd brother were on that house.
I saw the water on the beach like there’s big waves. But people love to play with those waves! They were stubborn even though they know that it was dangerous to swim they still swim. Then suddenly it dried up. And I was like oh no a sign a sign!! I began to gather all my niece and began shouting Tsunami is coming! Run to a high place!! I said hurry!!hurry! Then Tsunami came, I was panicking because it was really happening. Then we went to the top 3rd floor! It was like our home was on the top of the mountain. The water was too high that it reached the third floor but our heads was still out to breathe. So I told mom dad stay still and breathe. Our bodies were soaked. I was guarding them. Then the water went down. Suddenly. All the people who were on the same building went to our room. And we were able to accommodate them. Days went by and there’s still water on the 2nd floor. And we on 3rd floor were saved. Glory be to GOD!🔥

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