Dream, Trump

Dream: Trump – Steven Millhorn

Dream: Trump – Steven Millhorn

February 7th 2018

I was in an office complex which had a very homey feel to it. One part was like a home setting and if you were to walk through some hallways, you’d be in an office setting. There was a man sitting on a comfortable chair within the same building on the homey side of the building with a tray table pulled up next to him with a tall Kleenex box facing him. This man had planted a nuclear device in the same building where all of us were. I gently put my hand on the Kleenex box and turned the face of it towards me and saw a red digital clock on it with a countdown already in progress. I went down the corridor to where the President was and told a number of his men that were huddled together trying to give him urgent news, for them to leave the room. When I motioned to them to leave the room, I remembered trying not to laugh at myself (within the dream) for using the phrase, “I have some news that would trump all of your news” I then began to tell the President about the man in the same building with two Styrofoam coffee cups on the tray table half empty and the tall Kleenex box. The man looked like he was in his 50’s with a frontal bald spot and round glasses. I told the President that there was a nuclear bomb or device in the same building that we were at and that the count down was less than 3-4 minutes. I remembered seeing the nuclear device in a flash like moment of time, it was small, bullet shaped with a red circle around the nose. I urged him to go immediately outside and to board his helicopter and leave. As he and I left the front door of the building to board the helicopter. I briefly saw a flash image of Ivanka already being outside, but there was no helicopter. I saw the President then go back into the house with Ivanka, and I being alone, ran across the street to a neighboring house to go hide behind it. I knew at that point that there was less than 30 seconds left, and even if there would have been a helicopter it would not have escaped the blast anyway. So I went about 70 yards away to hide behind a neighboring two story house, then I remembered seeing those films of houses being leveled from the nuclear blasts. So I then decided to find an area to lie down in like a hole or low place, then I remembered that nuclear blasts leave craters. I felt at this point that I too could not escape from the affects of the blast. I knew I was a ways off from the building, but still close enough to be destroyed by it. The dream ended at this point, seconds before the detonation occurred.

Interpretation: The things that came to my mind as a result of this dream was that it was an inside job, it was going to happen quickly or not too far in the future, not the distant future, and that there would be no escape from it, even for Christians.

Steven Millhorn



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