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Dream: The veil has been lifted then Rapture – Buffy Hamilton

Dream: The veil has been lifted then Rapture – Buffy Hamilton

June 20, 2018

I had a dream early this morning from the LORD. Im still emotional from it. Here it goes.

I am in my rv with one of my sisters and we are looking out the windows at the ocean. It was real dark and gloomy outside and the waves were real rough. I see this BIG HUGE serpent taking up alot of the ocean. I think it was Leviathian. I say to my sister look at that on the water. It was scary looking. Then there is a watchtower or light house and we see a snake creature half human inside of it. It was Satan. Then there were creatures hanging on the outside of my windows. My sister was crying and scared out of her wits. She was asking me what was going on and i said to her “the veil has been lifted“. Then i see a creature inside the oven and i tell her to look. She was freaking out. I go and open up the window and my sister is yelling at me not to open it and i grabbed her and i look deep in her eyes and i tell “The only thing to fear is GOD himself, thats it and thats all, now start rebuking them!

Then the scene changes and I’m with my son now in the RV. We see bright lights outside and the inside of my RV is illuminated. The lights are going up in the sky. Then I see the bottom of a brightly lit robe and feet passing by my window going up. I said to my son, “its time for me to go” and he cryed and told me “NO“. I told him to “Eat all the perishable food first then the canned goods not to waste anything“. I felt my body becoming lighter and I was shining so bright the it was reflecting on my son. I told him my time is up now its my turn to go and we hugged each other and wept. Then I looked at him deep into his eyes and I said ” THE ONLY THING THAT CAN SAVE YOU IS JESUS CHRIST. HE IS THE ONLY WAY!” Then I vanished and woke up.

I was still crying out of my dream. I love my Michael. Thats what i call him ” My Michael”. Today i am praying for all of our loved ones. Our children and family and friends and those that dont know CHRIST. Repent of all of your sins everyday and preach repentance!! Please keep me and my two boys in prayer. Brandon and My Michael. Luvbuf…😇🙏👑🔥💗

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