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By Lucy

April 7, 2009

I had this dream over 10 years ago. Whether this means I will be here when this happens I do not know. The Lord did not reveal that detail to me. I do know I have received a dream in the past of a future event and I was seeing it happen down below (in the dream).


Dream in 1998
I dreamed that I was running in the streets, the alleys, and neighborhoods, screaming “the Russians are coming!”, “the Russians are coming!”. The sky was dark, as though it was night. The air was thick and still of darkness. People in the streets were ignoring me going about their business. I noticed by looking in their eyes that the people were full of darkness and gloominess. It made me sad. The people were buying and selling merchandise in the street, walking and talking to one another. A few looked at me curious, many others continued on their way. I continued screaming, “the Russians are coming!”, I then pointed to the mountains behind me and I saw men descending down the


mountain, a big army, running on foot with weapons in their hands. They had green uniforms on with red socks that looked like blood to their knees. I told the people, “Look they are here!”, but the people ignored me and continued with what they were doing. Just then the mighty army was all around the city, in the streets and neighborhoods. The soldiers brutally slashed people’s throats, shot them dead and killed them violently. Blood ran in the streets and people screamed in terror. It was too late and the people were being attacked by the soldiers.

I continued shouting and warning people. I then heard someone shout, “Look at San Francisco and what is happening!”. I looked up and saw a map of California. I saw San Francisco on the map. While looking at the map my spirit sensed something very wicked, very evil was coming out of San Francisco. I only saw the map and knew that San Francisco was going through some kind of calamity and had been committing something very bad. It appeared as though a ball of fire or explosion had just rocked San Francisco. (*this is not the first dream I have had of SF burning, I also had another)

It felt like some time had passed, I don’t know if it was a few hours or days. But I noticed that the people remaining who survived the slaughter of the Russian army were going about their business like nothing happened. However, there was destruction all around. I looked around and noticed that it was hard to discern who was Russian and who wasn’t. I continued warning people, but I was no longer saying “the Russians are coming”. I don’t remember what I was saying.

I was walking around the streets being very cautious who I spoke to and warned. I noticed an older lady hanging clothes to dry. We engaged in some sort of conversation. A little while later some military men out of nowhere appeared. The same old lady pointed to me and said, “Yes, that’s her.” The military men got a hold of me and beat me up very badly. They kicked me very hard all over my body and in my head. I don’t remember feeling any pain. In the dream I realized at this point that I was looking down at myself laying on the ground. Up until now I was as the first person in the dream, but now I was as an observer, viewing myself, but still within the dream. I saw myself naked and badly beaten. I could not speak anymore, I barely could think straight I was badly tortured. The soldiers then brought my brother to me. They pointed down at me. My brother looked at me with a very sad face, he looked as though he would cry, but did not. I wanted to speak but no words came out of my mouth. My spirit tried to speak to him. I wanted to tell him not to give up. He looked like he was about to give up because of me. Then a big screen came up out of the earth. It looked like a giant T.V. screen. The soldiers pointed to it and showed my brother.

On the screen they showed a film of my brother, his wife and their son (they are all Christians). My brother was very sad. The soldiers told my brother that they knew everything about him. I then woke up.

Jeremiah 50:24 (NIV) I set a trap for you, O Babylon, and you were caught before you knew it; you were found and captured because you opposed the LORD.


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