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Dream: The Mark of the Beast in Schools – Bridget Dlamini

Bridget Dlamini

I received this dream on August 29th 2018 after 3am. I know it was after 3am because I usually wake up at that time to pray and then go back to sleep.

In the dream I was in what seemed to be my apartment which I had while I was still in college. It was night time and I was in bed, I woke up and noticed my door to the entrance of my apartment was slightly open, like someone had opened it just a little. I wondered how that was possible because I was sure that before I went to bed I closed the door and possibly even locked it. I got out of bed, closed it, walked towards my bed and got in and when I looked at it, it was slightly opened again. I thought how is this possible because I just closed it a few seconds ago and I heard no one touch the door handle either. I got out of bed again and closed it. The next scene, I was at school and we were at a place that looked like a cafeteria as I looked around I recognised some of the faces that I saw. Some were people I went to primary school with, some were people I went to high school with and a couple were people I went to college with. I was sitting with a group of friends and we were discussing how the head master of the school announced that there would be a new system of registration for all students. We wondered what it was and how it was going to work, we were told that this system would start as soon as the following day. Next scene was the following day and I saw myself standing in line with my friends and all the other students. In front of the line were the teachers and the head master. As I watched those who were at the front of the line walk away I noticed a mark on their necks, it was a burn mark which looked like 6 little dots, 3 in a row. As I got closer to the front I saw how they would take a metal rod and burn those 6 little dots on the neck and then inject something into the right hand of the student. I finally got to the front and the teacher put the hot iron rod on my neck but it did not make the 6 little dots. She tried again to burn me with it but instead that part of my skin fell off. She gave up and I then noticed tiny microchips the size of a grain of rice and in the shape of a grain of rice, it also looked red like a transparent red. I had knowledge that that was the RFID chip. I asked the head master, who was injecting the students, what it was and he replied and said “it’s a tracking chip” immediately I knew this was the mark of the beast, I thought that if I take it the Lord would never forgive me. I refused to take it and I said “no I’m not taking it” and I walked away. Everyone was surprised and looked at me like I was crazy. The next scene I was in my room and I was looking for an outfit to wear the next day at school. As I was looking through my clothes I noticed that there were some new clothes. While I was still deciding what to wear I was thinking of how I was going to be in trouble the next day. I knew that I was able to refuse the mark of the beast because the anti-christ was not revealed yet or he didn’t have any power yet but I knew soon,very soon, all of that would change. I also thought about my friends whom I had left in the line and I wondered if they had gotten the mark of the beast or not. I was so sad because I knew that if they had recieved it, I would never see them again in heaven or in the millennium. I wanted to call my mother and let her know what had happened at school that day. One thing I was sure of was that if I got into trouble the next day at school I was ready to fight for my life.

So I finally picked out an outfit, I didn’t want to wear something that was too hot or something that was too cool. I knew in my dream that spring was starting. The colour of my shirt was white and purple. I then woke up.

What It means:

Seeing people that I went to school with from primary, high school and college that to me meant that all types of schools will soon be introducing the RFID chips to their students. They will introduce it by telling people it’s a new system of registration into the schools and that it was recommended by the government. This will happen soon before the anti-christ is revealed to get people to easily trust in this new system. They will be able to track anyone who has recieved this mark, making it difficult for people to hide from the anti-christ once he has been revealed.

The 6 little dots from the iron rod couldn’t mark my neck because I knew I was a child of the most high Yahushua and that I belong to Him and not the devil, it also represented the visible mark of the mark of the beast once it has been recieved. I don’t know why though the mark was on the neck. The colour of my new clothes were purple which is the colour of royalty and white which is the colour of purity or the colour of a bride. In South Africa, September is the beginning of Spring so this lead me to think that perhaps the mark of the beast will be introduced soon. So many prophets like brother Byron Searle are confirming that something big, a disaster, will happen this September. When a huge disaster strikes like the false flag event or kick off event it will allow the government to start introducing the mark of the beast on a public scale to all people and children.

The Lord also put it in my spirit that the door being slightly opened in the beginning of the dream meant that He is about to close the door, there’s only a little time left and in that short time He is giving people a chance to repent.

Bridget Dlamini

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