Dream: THE LORD IS ON HIS WAY…… PREPARE”!!!!!!!! – Victoria Ang

By Victoria Ang

Prophetic Dream::::Given last night:::::
I found myself inside an unknown house. Inside the house were many people. I was there to deliver a message to the people in the house. But before I delivered the message I told the people in the house the message was VERY IMPORTANT!!I told several people to go and prepare a meal before the message because there would soon be a guest. But they ignored me. As I looked around the house it was a mess. Everything was in disarray. So I said to the people in the house, “Please clean up this house, it is a mess and a guest is coming!But the people in the house where not paying any attention to me! Some were looking at their cell phones. Some were chatting and laughing with one another. Some were playing games on the Internet and continued to ignore me.
I was about to go up in the front room and deliver the message anyway, but someone stepped in front of me and by passed me to show an insignificant video, in order to prevent me from speaking. But I went to the front of the room anyway to speak. I was wearing a dress and there was a light shining through the dress. So I readjusted my position . And said to the people”THE LORD IS ON HIS WAY”!!!!!! ………… The dream ended.
Here is the meaning of the dream::::
The Lord is trying to make things as transparent as possible what adjustments are needed for his children to make before he comes. But the people are ignoring the messages and warnings and getting distracted at times. With the warnings his faithful children are giving to help them enter heaven.The meal represents the word of God . THE BIBLE , to feed and nourish ones Spirit and soul in preparation for his arrival. As he can speak to many through HIS WORD. But once again many are ignoring what is needed. BUT…. it does not can the message…..”THE LORD IS ON HIS WAY…… PREPARE”!!!!!!!!
…… I pray that everyone that sees and reads this takes heed and encourages another to prepare! God bless!

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