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Dream: The House Of The World Is Coming To A Sudden Destruction

May 20, 2022 12:27 PM

May 20, 2022

Scriptural References:

Isaiah Chapter 58 Verse 1
“Cry, cease not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their wicked doings, and the House of Jacob their sins.”

Leviticus Chapter 18 Verse 22
“Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind, because it is an abomination.”

The dream opens, I am in a palatial house (the World) of a rich person and a party is in full-swing. The place is packed, so much so that I feel claustrophobic and out of place, with all the revelers. I am there with an old friend, who I know in real life. This man is a confirmed homosexual and we have argued for many years, as to its acceptance by God and the danger of losing your soul. He is a Christian and has a great heart, for his neighbor. But Leviticus Chapter 18 Verse 22 Still Stands!

At some point I realized I had to get out Now! I could no longer take the pagan celebration and moved towards the front door. The rooms around the front door entrance, were jammed with people and as I inched towards the door I saw a pile of gifts on the floor, right in my path. The Holy Spirit told me they are the enticing baubles of fame, fortune, luxury, power, money, position etc. I just trampled on them to get out and went to the door. The owner of the House of the World was a woman, who I then met (she wanted me to stay inside). I asked her to have a private word with me, outside and we left the House and proceeded right clockwise around the front of the House and went to the backyard. My old friend had stayed in the House.

We got to the back lawn and she suddenly disappeared: she had a strategy of refusal and no intention of discussing what I wanted. I was momentarily taken back and immediately left the property. Re-entering the House to find my old friend was not an option, it was too late. I had made a big mistake thinking she would help me with my friend’s soul; his making the final decision on his eternal destination. I repent of thinking the World would help save any ones soul!

The houses of the neighborhood were all mansions and the light was very dim, almost night, but still daylight. No sign of the sun, but everything was still visible.

Suddenly, a stream of young people started to pass me in a mood of great exhilaration and Dionysian joy. They were all dancing down the street, to the House party, now behind me. The anticipation and excitement was top drawer! They had chosen the World in a mood of finality and thinking they had made the right decision. I continued on my own way, they were lemmings running towards the cliff and moving so fast I had no chance to try and speak to them. The AC had worked his charm and spells and they were moving like metal to a strong magnet. The scene abruptly stopped. End of Dream.

Initially I thought this dream was not profound, but over the course of the morn, the Holy Spirit opened up layers and meaning. I am very sad that my old friend chose the flesh over escaping the House of the World, to God.

The Holy Spirit has revealed this dream is at the Time of The Warning Experience. A Last Opportunity to make a life or death eternal decision for God. I do not know the decision my old friend will finally make, but at some point I had to leave him to his own fate (in the House of the World).

I pray for him each day. I beg God to save his soul. This friend has helped me like a brother many times over the course of my life for almost four decades. But there comes a time in each life, for us to leave the world as we came into it: Alone! May God have mercy on us all.

A Warning: Do not get lost yourself trying to save another from being lost, by being left behind, when your time to separate from those who refuse God, as The Lion Of The tribe Of Judah Will ROAR: Removal Of All Rebellion!



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