Darkness, Dream, Three Days of Darkness

Dream: “The entire earth was plunged into utter DARKNESS. This darkness was both spiritual and physical” – Joanna Benton

By Joanna Benton


I was among a large group of people.
Suddenly all “Light” was removed. Utter darkness was experienced by me, both inside of me, and all around me. The entire earth was plunged into utter DARKNESS. This darkness was both spiritual and physical and of such a kind that cannot be experienced even in the darkest depression of mans mind and emotions. This was a supernatural darkness never felt before in the earth or within man. Then after a time I saw some people getting up and going to a piano and starting to play music and praise The Lord. I fell on my knees in utter repentance and offered up praise as they played the piano, and felt The Light returning to some.
I asked The Lord for the


The large group of people are: “All mankind on the earth presently.”
The Light removed: “A great Light will come upon the earth and I will take My Bride up to Heaven and shelter them…THEN”….
The Complete Darkness: “I will plunge the world into darkness after My Bride is taken out….it will be both spiritual and physical.”
The People at the Piano: “There will be a Great Revival after the taking out of My Bride brought about by My Spirit being poured out.
Dear Brothers and Sisters, I have NEVER experienced such darkness, and I have had some very dark trials in my life, but this was a supernatural darkness. Pray for the salvation of souls and watch for the Dome of the Rock to be destroyed for this is the “turn key event” spoken of by The Lord as a warning. Pray, everyone pray, and don’t stop praying…….for the repentance that comes from the heart…..for all peoples everywhere…. for every human being given a soul by Yah may choose to repent and receive The Lord’s forgiveness given through YahuShua’s Passion, or reject it. Pray……

your servant and His witness of the number 144,000


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