Dream: THE CAMP – Jenna Eyler

Jenna Eyler


When I was 7/8 years old I had a dream… and this dream reaccured for the next 5 years… I can still see it very vividly… and with some of the prophetic words being released at this time, it continues to come to the forfront of my mind and my spirit… while at that age I knew nothing about the call on my life; nor that GOD gave warning dreams… I do now!!! He warns us out of His Love for us!!! He shows and reveals things through word and dream/visions so that when they come to pass that we will know that He Is LORD, and He knows the end from the beginning… of all things, nations, peoples, and individuals… He has called many; but, few are chosen… broad is the way to hell, and many walk it… they chose it themselves, not GOD; for He wants NONE to perish and be seperated from Himself… this is freewill and He has given it to all; knowing that some would willing walk away from Him…. then there are those who willingly love Him and walk the narrow path, but there are few that find it… that would believe The Word of GOD, and freely and willing accept to walk that narrow path… the one that leads you out of the worlds ways.. and into Fathers arms of Love!!! However, this walk can be very lonely at times, but Jesus walks it with you and it will all be worth it in the end!!! You see if you don’t want Him now; to follow and live as The Word of GOD says to live, and to spend time with Him now… well then, He will give you what you want which is a future where He is not… in hell—there is no inbetween….What we do here matters for all eternity!!!!

DREAM (age 7/8-12/13), or more like a nightmare….

We were in this camp (like a Nazi camp/FEMA is what comes to mind now; while I knew nothing of them then)…with woods surrounding it. Everything in this dream was shades of grey, all but the soldiers/guards uniforms… they were a green (kinda like the army green color). The wood that the cabins were made from old, deteriorating boards; some with the knot-holes that had given way… all surrounded by a fence with barbed-wire overlapping at the top.. all so none could escape without getting so tangled in it that the screams of sheer pain would give you away to the armed (with machine guns) guards/officers that stood watch over this camp in towers and on the ground.

We who were being held were young; some only children of but a coulpe years of age. Joshua and I tried to care for them as best as we could seeing as though we were the eldest.

One night the sirens blared so loud that we all were woken… not knowing anything, why or what it was that these guards were running to stop or interceed in… Joshua and I knew this was ours chance to make our break (while we could not take all of the captives, we could take those closest to us).. we scrambled to grab them… we ran out into the cold with those of the two cabins and Joshua started to climb the fence… when he got to the top I threw a blanket to put over the barb-wire.. I then began throwing children up to him… one by one we were getting them over… out of the corner of my eye i saw a gaurd coming and yelled “Joshua”… but, it was to late… the gaurd opened fire… repeatedly Joshua was struck- bullet after bullet peirced him… he dropped the last child to safety and fell… his leg got caught in the wire and he hung there… no life left in him… staring straight at me… the little girl that was by my side the whole time screamed in horror.. as did I.
This is when I woke up.

Like I said, I was so young… and had this dream multiple times over those few years… I still can see Joshua’s face…

I did not know about Hitler, nor the camps in which too many were killed… nor of Army green color fatigues… none of it!!! I was sheltered as a young child by a Momma who loved us so much!!! It wasn’t until many yaers later that I found out about the Holocaust…. and even these last 5 or so years of FEMA, and what they are planning here for true Christians that oppose the New World Order. The Guilitines have been ordered; and that was under Obama… Y’all it is getting ready to really get serious for those who are true Christians… those who stand upon The Holy Word of a Holy GOD!!! For you see the worldly church is going right along with their ungodly plans of one world religion… the beast system…

I encourage you to stay in The Word of GOD!!! Read your Bible; but, watch which translation… for they have altered the Word to suit their endgame… I love y’all and pray for The Holy Spirit to give illumination in any part that may still be in the dark of what is NOW!!!! Time is so very short!!!! May you be encouraged and not lose HOPE!!!! Much love in Jesus/YAH’shua’s Name…. Glory to The LORD Most High GOD!!!!

note: a quick picture of what I saw (not necessarily to scale- was a quick draw…the light was one of the spot lights there)… the Camp!!! Was it of past and the Holocaust??? Or, is it what is to come???

Father, forgive me that I did not release this on 11/11/18 as You impressed upon me to do… I ask for forgiveness…let my heart be quicker to respond to Your prompting immediately!!!

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