Dream: Super Soliders (part 1&2) – Marty Breeden

Marty Breeden

Sunday October 7, 2018

Before I share this dream from last night, Sunday, October 7, 2018, I want you to remember this scripture:
” For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind” ( 2 Timothy 1:7)
I want to also say, that I believe some of the dreams I receive are to WARN those who will be left behind to go through the Great Tribulation.

Although I may see and experience something in a dream, it may not mean that I will go through it but that I am to “Sound the Alarm” as a Watchman to warn the wicked to turn from their evil way! And to tell that which is coming.
So having said all that, I will share what I believe to be ONE OF, if not THE, most frightening dreams I’ve ever had and because of its intensity and detail, I am only going to share a portion today….
I will share the remaining tomorrow:

It appeared as though I was at my Grandparents house enjoying time with my family, my wife and girls….
Then SUDDENLY a FLASH of what appeared to be like lightening happened and the whole seen was changed!!!

I was in a different place, I was with other people but somehow had become separated from my family.

I found myself walking through a strange area. I knew there had been a governmental change and EVERYTHING was suddenly different.
My every step, my every move, my every purchase, was being observed by a surveillance system I didn’t know even existed.
I saw Troops that appeared far larger than that of a normal man.
They appeared to be 10 feet tall and their Military uniform reminded me of WWII German Nazis.

I recall walking by one of these Soldiers and I realized that THEY WERE NOT HUMAN!!!
There was an armada of them everywhere and they walked in a lockstep that was machine like.
They were “robotical” in both appearance and temperament.

I would see them get orders, I instinctively knew that these orders were being transmitted via digital technology.
They would, gather together, go find their destination and systematically respond together.
It then appeared that a human Lead Soldier would speak with the group of people, that had been “rounded up” and offer them a “deal” and some would accept and be removed from the group and those who refused were killed in various ways.

Some were mocked before their death, others were killed instantly.

Then the Soldiers would go back to their post and start their surveillance again , awaiting their orders ……..

To be continued tomorrow……

Part 2 of the October 7, 2018 Dream:

After seeing what had happened to the people who refused what the human lead Soldier offered, I knew I needed to get out of there.
I took off in a wooded area where I found a group of people that had been hidden away and escaped this far.
I could tell , that although these people were weary, and worn, they had the Glory of God on their face!
It appeared that these people dwelt in a huge wooden cabin.

I remember that on occasion, this group of people would go to resupply and were able to integrate in and seemed to be able to bypass, at least for a time, capture.
They knew how to assimilate without compromise.
I remember being thankful that my family was not there because I knew in my heart that they had been taken to Heaven.
I also felt that it would only be a short time until I would join them.

I remember speaking to one of the members of this group and I asked them how they had survived and he said that for some reason, they had not been discovered yet, but if they were…..they were prepared and they would not compromise.
I found this to be amazingly comforting!

It seemed at this time….days went by, maybe even weeks and we just carried on with life as best we could.
Then late one night, there was a thumping sound that was coming from a distance…..
A sound we had not heard before.
We all quickly made our way into the cabin.

We looked out through a window and saw that it was indeed the Soldiers marching toward us.
I literally remember thinking that what I was feeling in my heart at the time, was what the poor Jewish people must have felt as they were hiding from the Nazis as they came looking for them.
There’s really no words to describe that feeling.

I recall, and this sounds odd, but the leader said he wanted to speak with us, but he could could not come into the wooden cabin without our permission.

There were dozens and dozens of people in the cabin. I recall they turned to me and said, ” Marty you speak to them”.
Feeling that I did not want to leave the safety of the cabin I allowed the leader and one other to meet me on the top floor.
I recall as they made their way toward us, inside the cabin, there was no fear for we knew if we lived or if we died it would be Gods will!

The leader walked up to me and held what appeared to be a bullet in his hand.
He started to yell me the same story as I heard him tell the group prior.
I interrupted him, and said:
“There is not one among us who will compromise, not one!”
He said:
“Let me show you how to use this, do you want me to show you how this works?”

I recall going a strength and resolve that I had never felt before. It was supernatural!
All I can recall next was smiling at him, and all I got out of my mouth was “No Compromise!”….

Then that SAME FLASH of lightening came again!!!

This time I recall that everyone in the cabin was immediately being ushered up and into the Presence of God!!!! …..

I awoke…….

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