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Dream: Sudden Destruction – Laura Gagnon

Laura Gagnon

Monday, August 28, 2017
A Dream of Sudden Destruction

This afternoon I laid down for a nap and had an unusual dream. This dream seems to be mostly symbolic in nature, but I believe could involve some literal events about to occur as well.

My family was in the car driving on the freeway, but suddenly on the road ahead, I saw storm clouds. I said to my husband, “Look at the enormous amount of rain that just dropped from those clouds, and it’s coming this way!” I urged him to slow down because visibility from the storm was so poor. Suddenly the earth opened up and there was great destruction. I couldn’t tell if there had been an earthquake or what the exact cause was to cause such great ruin of the freeway. It was like the roads just disintegrated and gave way without warning. Cars began to fall into the huge chasms. They were very deep. We had to pull over and stop because there was no way to get around the deep fissures. As I looked down into the crevasse, I saw what looked like a river of blood flowing downhill. This river was full of people, some even jumping from the top of the ravine by choice and plunging into the river. It seemed as though some of them were there because of the disaster from the roads giving way, but others were just blindly following the rest to their death. It gave me the impression that the river led to hell.

Somehow, I found myself swept up in the momentum and I wondered how I would escape. Then a peace came over me and I started praising God and telling others to praise Him also, that it would carry us out of the river. I began to move upward and found myself out of the river in a place that kind of resembled a waiting area, like what you would see at an airport or a train station or something. I found myself praying for a police man and sharing hope with others. End of dream.

I believe the warning to many people right now is to honestly evaluate yourself and determine what road you are on. God is dealing with the enemy. He is exposing sin and sometimes that brings sudden destruction. It can leave people feeling quite unprepared and devastated when that happens. It is not that God wants us to suffer, but because He loves people too much to allow them to remain in bondage to sin, shame and sickness of their soul. In order to set people free, He must judge the works of the enemy so that they can see where they have allowed themselves to be taken into captivity by the wrong things. It is not merciful to leave people stuck in sin, hiding it so that they can continue to deceive themselves and others. God will allow things to be exposed so that the pain of dealing with those things causes people to genuinely repent and ask for forgiveness. People that have been humbled have a greater opportunity to be rescued and redeemed by the Lord rather than those that are too proud to admit when they need help or ask God to save them.

There are those that are following a multitude to hell simply because everyone around them seems to be on that path. They don’t stop to question what they’re doing; they just follow the herd. This is a warning to stop and turn around before it is too late! Just because others are forsaking God or living without relationship to Him does not mean that they are doing things right! It means they are blind to their need for a Savior and One who can wash away the stain of their sin. Only those whose names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life will be granted eternal life. Friend, is YOUR NAME written in this book? Are you living in personal relationship with Jesus Christ? Does the blood of Jesus cover your sins? Will your faith be strong enough to carry you home to heaven when your time on earth is over?

None of us knows the exact number of our days, and this dream is an important reminder of that fact. We should all be prepared no matter when that day happens. Call on the name of Jesus. Don’t take chances with your salvation! Stop what you’re doing now and pray a simple prayer, asking Jesus to forgive you of your sins and to be your Savior. Confess that He is Lord, the risen Son of God. Invite Him to bring His Holy Spirit to live in your heart. Thank your heavenly Father for adopting you as His child. Pray this in Jesus name.

If you have been on the wrong road and gotten lost, simply ask God to redirect you back to Him. Ask Him to guide your life and to keep you safe from destruction. It so important to be able to hear His voice and sense His leading. A person that cannot hear God is spiritually blind and doesn’t know where they are going. Ask God to open your eyes, unblock your ears, and give you an understanding heart. Give Holy Spirit permission to change your heart and your desires so that He can lead you away from trouble and keep you on solid ground. Pray for yourself. Pray for your loved ones. Pray that they are in a close personal relationship with Jesus Christ and can hear His voice for themselves. Someday your very lives may depend on it!

Please also pray against any natural disasters as well as those things the enemy is doing to bring destruction. Pray that the things that can be averted, would be, and that there is no loss of life. Pray for souls to turn to God NOW while they still have an opportunity to do so. Pray for the witness of peace and stability in those that belong to Christ so that others will want to know our God!

We do live in times of uncertainty. I pray that this blesses you and convicts you of your own need to examine yourself, because when we judge ourselves – not by our feelings or opinions – but by the word of God, then we realize we all come up short. We cannot get to heaven on our own merits. We need our loving Father to watch over us and guide us into the truth that will help set us free. May you find Him today! He is watching and waiting to hear from you!

Laura Gagnon at 12:13 AM

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