Dream: Sudden Climate Change – Debi Peters

Debi Peters

June 23, 2018

I had an unusual dream. I didn’t submit it yet, because I didn’t know it was prophetic. Today I received confirmation that it was prophetic. So I’m sharing it now. I had the dream on approx. 6-18-18. Today, on 6-23, I found out that it has really happened in Peru! So now I know I must share. Here is the dream:

I often pray, before I sleep, that God would give me a prophetic warning dream. He often does. The one I had was a two part dream. In the first part, I was in a house, in a small room with a window. I thought to look outside, and I saw a tree. God enabled me to see supernaturally into the tree, into a cross section of the tree. There, coiled up in a nest, was a huge snake! It had been camouflaged and it was absolutely furious with me, that I had uncovered it’s hiding place. It’s face contorted at me, and he tried to strike me several times, but he couldn’t hurt me, because I was behind the glass, inside the house. Then suddenly, the scene changed.

This is the second part of the dream. Do you know how in the movie, The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe, that Lucy goes way inside the wardrobe and comes out in the end into a completely new scene? It was like that. It was like one moment life was normal, and it was summer, and I was in summer clothes. Then I stepped outside and everything I knew was totally changed suddenly. People were dressed in heavy coats and parkas, snow was on the ground, people were shivering. Because I was only wearing shorts and a short sleeved shirt and flip flops, I was blown away within seconds. I either died, or passed out from the extreme cold. I think this is coming.

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