Dream, Storm

Dream: Strong Storms Are Coming!! – Belinda-Sobia Brown

Belinda-Sobia Brown

August 12, 2018

Early this morning I was taken high up as if on a mountain and shown what is to come. I seen multiple vortices (mini starts of tornadoes) form in the sky. Then in one area of the land I seen extreme heavy rain with heavy small hail that came down so hard it looked like sheets of ice missiles that destroyed trees and crops. Then I seen in another part of the land golf ball sized hail shoot from the sky and terrorize a squirrel on a metal tower (may have been a fire tower or a small water tower). The hail fell so fast and hard that if it hit anyone it would either maim or kill! It was more widely spaced out. Finally off in the distance I seen what looked to be maybe basketball sized hail start to fall from the skies but I don’t remember if it hit the ground or not! There was waves/sheets of swirling heavy rain sweeping in with the hail. I’ve never seen rain or hail like that before. And above it all were these vortices swirling across the land! This could apply to both natural and spiritual realms. Time will tell. Some strong storms are coming!!

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