Dream: Saints run to meet Son of Man – Humbled for Service

Blessings! My name is William, a believer in the Yeshua ha’ Mashiach, Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God. The great I AM.The Holy One of Israel. The Mighty One of Israel.

Last September 2018 (or thereabout), I received a dream that I believe to be from the Lord. I wish to share this dream with believers to exhort all to keep watching for the return of our Lord and Savior.

In my dream, the rapture of the church had just occurred a moment before and the saints had arrived on the heavenly cloud. From where I stood, the saints were on the left side but their astonished faces were firmly fixed to my right side and they began to run fast towards their gazes.

Their eyes were completely open wide, the eyelids up and unblinking. The eyes looked like they could almost pop off of the sockets.

Their mouths, gaping wide open in a mix of surprise, wonder and astonishment.

Their hands, completely stretched out forward in readiness to embrace.

Their legs, running as fast as they could, but almost leaving the rest of the body behind. They were running like it was the 100 meter sprint competition. Some actually stumbled and fell, but got back up immediately and continued.

Their faces were all filled with emotions. Emotions of surprise, joy and great expectation. And the expectation was very intense. In some I could see the longing turn into pain and agony on their faces.

Consider the emotion of a mother running to receive her child, rescued from a great tragedy.

Or, a wife running to meet her soldering husband who has just returned home safe from war.

Or, a little child running to embrace the parent who has just walked through the door.

Such will be the intensity of the emotions of the saints as they run to behold their Lord and Savior for the first time on the glorious cloud.

Relevant Scriptures:

Matthew 19: 14

Luke 21:36

Your brother in Christ, William

Humbled for Service

Nairobi, Kenya

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