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DREAM: Safe Zones – Bro. Billy Nelson

Bro. Billy Nelson

Safe Zones
Dream 2/18/2015

In a vision of the night, I saw where the US government had established Safe Zones near populated communities. Each Safe Zone had a high fence built around it for security purposes. The US government conducted drills on a regular basis to familiarize citizens on where to go to the Safe Zones in the case of an imminent threat such as civil unrest, gangs or terrorist armies were approaching the area. The Safe Zone centers were large enough that citizens could drive in and park their vehicles inside. During each exercise the US government forces which were there pointed their weapons outwardly toward any possible threat should it come.

Attendances at the Safe Zone drills are very low at first. In order to get better participation in the safe zone drills, the US government secretly allowed terrorist into the country to attack the populated areas. The more horrific the attacks were the better the US government liked it, and the terrorist knew no limit to their atrocities just as you see ISIS doing in Iraq and Syria today.

The national news organization quickly spread the horrific details of what the terrorist had done to one community and then participation in the following Safe Zone drills dramatically increased. As the US citizens became more and more comfortable with the Safe Zone drills, the US government moved to the next phase of their evil plan.

The US government then allowed another attack to occur in a populated area to show citizens that the first attack wasn’t a onetime deal, it was now a way of life in America. As the terrorist continued to attack other communities, the US government initiated a Safe Zone alert for those areas. As the Safe Zone centers filled up with frightened citizens, the US government security forces turned their guns toward the entrapped citizens and the gates locked at each facility, trapping the citizens and sealing their fate.

Do not enter one of these safe zones.



When the Safe Zone centers come to America do not go into them and warn all those who do. Fences are good to keep people out but they can also be used to retain people unlawfully. We must hear God in each situation for God is our hiding place. There are no safe zones but in Him.

You are my hiding place; You preserve me from trouble; You surround me with songs of deliverance. Ps. 32:7

May God bless you with knowledge and understanding of Him.

Bro. Billy Nelson

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  1. Yawchal

    Yes fences keep people out , but if you notice barbed wire at the top of the fences, POINTING INWARDS then you know that place is for keeping people IN, and imprisoning them
    Think the HOLOCAUST
    These places are called FEMA camps and have been in place for many years already, just waiting to be put to their use first intended

    God will lead HIS own to safety. We MUST KNOW His voice NOW, so that we will be sure when these horrible things come to pass
    We must not be in fear, that’s the enemy. God is Love and in Him we must trust and keep our focus on Him alone.
    We must have the blood of Jesus applied to the doorpost of our hearts. Then the death angel cannot touch us

  2. Franklin Revels

    Jesus. the only safe place. If I had a great earthy safe place, Great, but God knows where you are and the devil does too. When God protects you, even if you die in this earth body, you are safe in Jesus.
    Go to Jesus now, stay with Jesus, every moment walk, talk with Jesus. Every heart beat, every sec stall with the True faithful One, Jesus. All will be well.
    Jesus is Lord, King, Savior, Friend, and Best of All, Our Hero.

    I Love you Jesus, Thank you for all. frank the small

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