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Dream: RUSSIA INVADES – Missy Pennington

Missy Pennington

November 29, 2016

Two nights ago, my husband had a dream that I believe is prophetic. In his dream, he was in an open field in what seemed to be like a ten-acre military park. There were a few other people with him. He looked up into the sky and saw multiple American F14 jet fighters flying above in a circular formation. As he looked closer, the jets began to transform into larger cargo styled bombers.

He knew something was wrong. He turned and looked at the ground and saw there were large wooden boxes in the distance. There were doors on the boxes and they opened and military men began to emerge out of them. There were dozens of boxes and hundreds of men in American uniforms.

His first thought was that our military was conducting some sort of military exercise. The men looked American, but as they got closer to him, he realized they were speaking Russian. He decided to run because all of his guns and ammo were in one of those wooden boxes. As he was running, he realized he was too far away and he would either be killed or captured. This is where the dream ended.

When he told me about his dream, I remembered that I had also had a dream about a Russian invasion. I went back to my journal entry which was October 24, 2015. My dream was very short, but I saw a large stack of bound newspapers hit the ground. The headline said ‘RUSSIA INVADES…’ but I could not read where it invaded. I knew it was a US newspaper and I knew it had happened in a US city or region, but I was not able to see where. That is where the dream ended.

Intercessory prayer has increased on both my husband and I in the past year and a half. We believe the unified prayers of the saints have been effective regarding the election and if we stay on course and continue with ferverent prayer, we can avoid a foreign invasion as well. God bless you! “

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  1. Catherine

    One of my first dreams ca. 32 years ago was exactly this: I saw Russia will invade America from Alaska. I thought this is a crazy Dream and forgot until I met others, who had the same dreams. Two nights ago I had a long Dream but I can only remember one situation: I saw Putin and Trump. Putin was so angry with Trump that he took a belt or something in the Hand and begun to hit Trump. It was the first time, that I saw Putin in a dream.
    Every time I see Putin and Trump in a Meeting like in Paris, I ask me: who is the boss? is Trump the boss of Putin or Putin the boss of Trump? I don’t know why but I feel these men know each other very good.
    The Invasion will come, you can’t hinder it, the time of Mystery Babylon is coming to be destroyed, so you can only pray for the People to be saved. Trump is not what you think. He is a tool for judgement and the blindness of the christians in America and everywhere is judgement. Trump is part of the game, part of the Deep state. Trump and Putin are best friends with Kissinger. This say a lot.

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