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Dream: ReEducation Camps @ Empty Walmart – Brian Sharp

Brian Sharp

Febuary 2, 2018

Had a very vivid dream last night.
I was outside, there was a blackout and sirens everywhere. People were freaked out. Out of nowhere SWAT trucks with UN letters on them showed up then the armed UN soldiers lined the people up and loaded them in the SWAT trucks and vans. Then we were taken to a huge building it looked like a empty Wal-Mart, inside it was full of desks and computers. We were told we were going to be reeducated. They asked a lot of questions on computer. And scanned your hand. Then a couple of people said “screw this” and ran. As soon as they left their computer alarms went off then immediately soldiers came and got that person with tazer and put them back in front of their computer with handcuffs on. As much I remember everyone had some kind of electric tattoo or mark on arm. When you left your computer the mark made alarm go off. In dream i cut a wire to my computer then woke up

End of dream

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