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Dream: Putin Plays Chess with American Generals – Marty Breeden

Dream: Putin Plays Chess with American Generals – Marty Breeden


Originally, I wasn’t going to share this….but feel like I need to.

But I had a very troubling dream last night….so we need to pray!

I saw Vladimir Putin meeting with what appeared to be American Military leadership, on American soil!
It was very surreal because I looked all around for President Trump, but I did not see him.

I thought “Why are these American Military Leaders and Generals meeting with Vladimir Putin WITHOUT OUR PRESIDENT???

I then noticed that Putin asked the Generals to set down and play a game of Chess with them.

They tried, but one after one, he amply defeated them…
YET……it seemed as though they were not at all bothered about their defeat!
In fact, when he would beat them, he would laugh out loud ….and sadly ..so would the American Military as they seemed MORE THAN WILLING to capitulate!!!!!

It was then I noticed the skies full of Fighters Jets….and EVERY ONE of them were RUSSIAN!!!!

I awoke…….

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