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Dream: Protected from destroying heat of the impact of the astroid – Jonathan Theiben

Jonathan Theiben

January 5, 2017

I had a dream.

I remember looking at sky and seeing what looked like more then one moon. I told someone who was with me look. Then I could see lots of them I didn’t count them but they were all in a row across the sky. My thought was this must be Nibiru / Nemesis. Then the picture changes and I can see what looks like thousands of astriods going left to right then a much larger astroid comes straight down coming through the smaller ones. When I witnessed that. I immediately got on my knees and started praying for forgiveness and protection of the blood of Jesus. Then I could feel the heat just barely but I was protected like in a bubble from the destroying heat of the impact of the astroid.

End of dream.

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  1. mem

    I have had dreams as well of seeing multiple moons in the sky. When I saw them there were dozens all over the sky and all in different phases. Crescents, half, fulls, etc. It is interesting why so many people seem to be seeing multiple moons

  2. I’ve read from past prophecies about the big 5 mile wide asteroid coming, that it travels inter-dimensionally, if this refers to the same event? It was said that scientists will have a hard time tracking it because it moves in & out of our dimension as it approaches earth. Because of this, when it reappears again it will be so close that people will not have much time to prepare before it strikes. With it comes the 3 days of darkness, & the worldwide earthquake, & the many things we’ve heard of that surround these events. I’m wondering if this is the same event told about in Efrain Rodriguez’s prophecies? He foretold that when it strikes the earth in Puerto Rico, the impact will be so hard that the resulting off scale earthquakes here in the US will knock over the San Francisco Golden Gate bridge! This one event will shake the entire earth. So it appears this comment may also apply to the next post on the Great Shaking? rick

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