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Dream: Piracy Attack by Russians – Diane


I live in Central America. I have dreamed about the economic collapse, and some type of interment camp or fema camp as people are calling them. My husband had a dream about martial law. These dreams were from 2018. But recently I had a dream, February 25, 2019 that I am curious to hear if anyone else has had dreams about what I can only call a terrorist attack. Like a 911 (false flag). I have had no dreams about nuclear attacks from Russia. My dream was different so I present it to you and posible there may be some clarity.

“I was in a car that somehow was floating on top of what I intuitively knew were International Waters. I saw a huge cruiseship in the background and right next to it a submarine but it was not submerged. There was a lot of common vessels…sailboats, vessels of about the same size. Only the cruiseship and submarine were the biggest vessels out there. It was crowded. All of a sudden a speedboat sped towards my direction. I Heard the words in my spirit “Piracy”. I knew also they were Russian people. They began to open fire with machine guns at the people next to me. I knew I had to get out of there, and somehow (I don’t remember how, remember I was in a submerged car!) but I was able to manuever around a “wall”. A wall was somehow there. And then once I got around the wall I was able to enter what could only be described as a one way highway, though it was all boats.

Then I woke up.

Now, I have some understanding about the “wall” at least to me, it represents the wall dividing the U.S. and Latin America. Also the submerged car I felt was the car that my husband and I literally drove down from the U.S. in December of last year. I think the part that I am curious about is if other readers have had dreams about a smaller attack from Russians or maybe if it´s a false flag attack, it will be blamed on the Russians. Piracy is an “ilegal” act. So I´m not sure what that means in this dream.

Thank you.

Grace and Peace


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  1. For clarification, they did not open fire on the cruise ship! They opened fire on a small group of people next to me which makes me believe it will be a smaller attack of some sort. So the title of this dream is wrong. Grace and peace, Diane

  2. Robert

    Just a thought,… In the news (at the beginning of this year, 2019). A member of the caravan going north towards the US border said in a brief interview,… (which is the only thing I can remember) ” the Russians are coming “. Robert

  3. Kelly Lozano

    Diane…could be significant in a different way. I know that Watchwoman on youtube had a vision of a cruise ship on fire. Thought I would share.

  4. Juliet

    Wow, I think the best thing to do is to pray over a dream cancell it in the mighty name of Jesus Christ . God has shown you do that you can pray about it. You are part of the event even spiritually. So pray for God s protection over the cruise and America as a whole. I have a daughter working there hence I join you in prayer

  5. madelyn

    Dreams aren’t always literal, but spiritually symbolic. Your car symbolic of your ministry. Submerged. Water=Holy Spirit. Attacks coming against all believers. Only those completely submerged allowing Holy Spirit to direct will survive. One Way Highway to heaven. xo

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