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Dream on erratic behaviour – warning and assurance

September 5, 2021 8:34 PM


This is the first time I am sharing a message which I feel called to share with others. I had a dream this morning 6th Sept 21 which was very vivid and woke me up, and I could not go back to sleep.

I was looking from a distance at a group of cars on a large stop beside a highway. As the cars began to move forward to merge into the highway, one car at the back was very erratic. He drew out and drove sharply to the right side (we drive on the left side of the road) straight into the highway. He got hit, spun around, and drove back into the stop, into a parking area flipping his car in the process. People came to help him, flipped his car back up. He came out dazed but angry. He went back into his car and angrily sped off, hitting a large curb and blowing one tyre in the process. He accelerated hard, joined the highway. His car was smoking and swaying with the damaged tyre smoking. He was going very fast and drove straight into the fast lane. I looked in shock thinking ‘you’re going to kill someone’. He began hitting cars and hit a few motorcycles. I swept past the motorcycles and had a view of 3 motorbikes and about 6 people all smashed and crushed together against the side barrier of the highway and the badly injured people trying to pull themselves apart and out. I woke at this point.

My personal interpretation.
People (I suspect the vaccinated) are going to start behaving more and more erratic. The person was not in control of himself and did not seem to have any sense of reason. The damaged tyre meant that people are getting damaged but still pushing on. Through the person’s actions, innocent people are going to get killed and injured.
An assurance was that one of the cars he hit was a familiar type of car to me, representing my family. The car got clipped and spun around and stopped in the middle of the highway. Nobody else hit it so I believe it was safe and nobody got hurt. If we stay focused on God, we might get affected, but we won’t be injured.

I also want to affirm another messenger that we need to anoint our cars, vehicles and homes for protection.

Pray to understand the interpretation in your settings. I do not bring this message to cause fear or stress, but for us to know what will be happening.


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