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Dream of war, martial law, occupation and scarcity – Eric
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Dream of war, martial law, occupation and scarcity

July 4, 2020 7:04 PM


After hearing Brother Dana’s dreams, I believe I need to share mine with you. I had the first dream in January 2017. I shared it with friends and family. I felt I should share it with you, as it seems very much in line with what Brother Dana saw. I originally shared it outside my friends and family with Lyn Leahz. She read it on her show at that time. The email I am forwarding is my email to her.

She read it in this episode. The first police officer she talks about is Marty Breeden, then she reads my dream.

Date: January 25, 2018 at 08:59:23 CST

My name is Eric, and I am a police officer in Texas. I also run a business teaching and consulting firearms training, active shooter response training and hand to hand self defense. Mainly for businesses, hospitals, churches and schools.

The reason I was writing to you is to let you know about a dream I had about a week ago. For the past several months, I have been really imploring the Lord in prayer to save many members of my family, my wife’s family as well as people we know. It has been really intense, with the Lord even waking me up in the middle of many, many nights to pray for them. He has spoken to me on a couple of occasions about things that are coming in our country. Things concerning great destruction and the loss of many thousands of lives. However, about a week ago, during one of my prayer times in the wee hours of the morning, I asked Him if it would be possible to give me a dream in order to absolutely confirm what I had been hearing from Him was indeed from Him and not my imagination. I went back to bed, and this is what happened.

I had a dream that consisted of 4 different dreams. The first scene, I was standing in my driveway. We lived outside of the city and it is fairly rural. The sky was very dark, especially looking both to the east and west. I had the understanding that America had been hit by numerous nuclear weapons on both the east and west coasts.I looked down my driveway, and I saw a line of military vehicles coming toward me. They were American vehicles. The soldiers inside were loaded for full battle.

The first vehicle stopped beside me and I recognized another police officer inside of it acting as a local guide for the convoy. He told me that they needed to cross my property in order to set up a firebase in a field adjacent to my property. I had understanding to know that a major invasion was underway and that our forces were really pressed. I had the understanding that they would probably not be successful in their fight.

I was then in the second scene. I was in a neighborhood in the nearby city and speaking with some of the residents there. They were telling me that things were hard, but that soldiers had now come into the city and were going from neighborhood to neighborhood to help the citizens. They said that the soldiers were Canadians. 🍁They said that the soldiers told them that they were there for humanitarian relief, but the people in their houses, they would tear apart the house looking for gunsand ammunition. Then they would arrest the people in the house and they would disappear.

Then to the third scene. I was in one of the neighborhood community centers and we were trying to put together some type of display in order to teach the local children about what was going on. We had set up a tiny Christmas village, like you see in places at Christmas time, with tiny streets, cars and houses. But instead of a holiday scene, it was one of war. There were tanks, soldiers and military vehicles on the streets. As I looked at the display, I could simultaneously see the streets in real life. The tanks were ramming cars, the soldiers were brutalizing the people and a new railroad track was being built for relocation of the residents.

Finally, I was in the forth scene. I entered a store in the city in order to buy two lightbulbs. I was really searching to find some, but there was nothing in the store worth buying. It was all cheap, Chinese junk. No food, clothing or essentials. I met a man that I recognized as a farmer I knew from a nearby small town. He was a very patriotic man and represents the backbone of our solid, good Americans. I spoke with him for a while and I knew he had some health issues and I asked about his health. He told me that he was fine now. I bid him goodbye and left the store. As I was leaving the store, it dawned upon me that this man had, in real life, died several years back. The understanding came to me that his death was representative of the death of what we consider now as the good, solid, traditional America.

I woke up really amazed that God had sent this dream right after I asked Him if He would confirm what He had been speaking to me. What I can see is that sudden war, both nuclear and ground invasion, will be followed by both martial law and military occupation. Famine and scarcity will follow on quickly.

After praying on this for the last several days, the Lord told me to send this to you. I don’t know why, but perhaps there are some things that may connect with what others or you have heard as well.

Thank you for all your faithfulness in your programs.

God bless you and your family.




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