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Dream of UN Tanks, New York Under Water – Erik Espinoza Modified

Dream of UN Tanks, New York Under Water

January 26, 2021 4:34 PM
Erik Espinoza
Awaken My Ear

Today around 5 or 6 am I received a series of prophetic dreams one after another.
I was shown New York City! I saw Military men searching, and walking on top of buildings with their rifles, as I was observing this from the air ( the sky)
I perceived they were keeping order, then I started to look below the building and saw military tanks with the letters UN ( United Nations) on them they were all in the streets.
(Kinda Like Marshall Law).

I was also shown an aircraft carrier ( USA) being attacked, and the USA retaliating back and I saw missiles shoot forth to the sky!
This is not the first time that I was shown this, but a few days ago I had a similar dream of New York underwater. I was in a boat in the water as I saw everything going underwater and the head of the statue of liberty as well. During this dream, I started to remember the movie ” Day After Tomorrow” as there was a scene where a tsunami wave was approaching the city! During the first part of the dream, I forgot to mention I seen the sky blue and clear as can be on the right and on the left, but towards the middle, a dark cloud approaching like a storm and when I was seeing this I said ” OH NO” I was terrified! Sad!

Prepare! For Events to come! Our Only Hope is in the Lord Jesus Christ!!!
Take all things to the Lord in prayer for confirmation.

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