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Dream of Copycat Shootings – Dr Shelli Manuel Landon


Dream of Copycat Shootings

My dream today after Tulsa shootings matches 1987 vision

June 2, 2022 1:39 PM
Dr Shelli Manuel Landon

I woke up this morning with the strangest dream. And I hope that it was only just a dream! I saw someone in the demonic shadowy realm of darkness; plotting copy cat attacks in the heartland of America just two weeks apart.

Texas. Oklahoma.

Where we have the two most conservative governors in America.
Safe places like schools and hospitals , Walmart’s, Dollar Stores, Churches, where unsuspecting people are at ease.

Suddenly an explosion of copycat events peppered both states.
That sparked a reaction of martial law, as military tanks rolled in to cease upon the confusion.

People were angry and uneasy.
But when the commotion died down and it became life as normal under their control,
Then suddenly the entire nation was attacked but the two strong patriotic good ol boy heartland states, were strangled restrained earlier and could not rise to defend.

That is a military plot that would work to take down a mighty nation.

But I hope it was only a dream.

I have been praying against it all morning.

When in 1987 , I was painting this mural, the Lord showed me a civil war coming in “your day”.
I saw a Pentecostal outpouring simultaneously.
I think Satan pre-emptively is trying to cancel And strangel the heartland. But it will backfire on them, our good ol boys would spark up. I just don’t want our OK, TX area to be that epicenter.
We need to intensify prayer.

Dr Shelli Manuel Landon

See large mural of image above:


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