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Dream: Obama’s Tounge – Gideon Yilma

Gideon Yilma

July 16, 2018

I had another dream last week and I feel led to share now…PLEASE TAKE THIS IN PRAYER.

I had a dream Barack Obama’s tongue will reshape the geography of the world and cause massive destruction. I just remember seeing the most powerful earthquake I’ve ever seen….the whole ground and various mountains were caving in like pudding. People falling in as they were trying to out run the earthquake. His tongue caused massive earthquakes that reshaped the earth and the formation of it.. Idk if that was literal or symbolic…most likely symbolic. I remember also seeing a picture of a tongue but the tongue was also a road in the picture…it was pink but also brownish on the sides..of the tongue/road. This tongue/road was crumbling….
And I had a knowing it was Barack Obama.

Test all things in prayer and with the Holy Bible.
God bless

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