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Dream: Obama in the White House Kills The Eagle – Chris Westcott

Chris Westcott

November 2, 2018

Obama in the White House Kills The Eagle Dream

Dream: I was in Washington D.C. and I see President Obama at the White House. He was standing outside on the deck in the White House on the South lawn. The outside is completely dark with orange mixed with black and gray in the sky and their was light outside but from explosions. It looked like a scene from Call of Duty video game or a war scene. In Obama’s hand is a shotgun. He started to fire the shotgun rapidly with an evil grin on his face, almost as if he was being possessed or controlled by something else. As he stopped shooting, an eagle fell down to the group.

Dream Interpretation:

The White House is a symbol of power and authority. Orange represents a warning. Black represents evil. Gray represents obscurity, a mixture of black and white. The shotgun represents scattering. Eagle symbolizes a messenger, courage, truth, hope, and freedom. Thus, Obama seeks to kill the power and authority of the United States. This is a warning: Obama is inherently evil, which is demonstrated through the black sky. However, many people will perceive him to be good and many will see he is evil, which is why portion of the sky is gray. So, most people will have trouble understanding his association or identity, which is rooted in Satan – some will know, others will not. The shotgun Obama uses to kill the eagle is vital. A shotgun spews bullets in a spread, so that it can hit its target in various areas as opposed to a limited direction. The eagle is the United States. Therefore, Obama is going to kill the United States.

Pray for God to intervene and prevent this man to come back to power.

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