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Dream/Message: “It was unexpected by everyone, no one was prepared, it was a surprise attack.” – Patti Huson

Patti Huson


The Lord gave me a dream last night, I’m not one that usually receives dreams, they are far and few that I’ve been given. I am given visions more than dreams.

In the dream it was a normal day as any other day in America. I was in the house when suddenly a huge blast an nuclear bomb came upon America. It was so bright I remembered the bright blinding light as I looked. You could not look upon it because it was so bright, the blast. It was unexpected by everyone, no one was prepared, it was a surprise attack. The paint began to peel off the walls and roof from the heat and radiation in my house after the blast. Immediately I looked around and thought, I need to get my things together, I have no food or water to survive. I got my suitcases to get the family’s belongings together and I was thinking, what do we pack there’s not a lot of room in the bags but we have to leave now. We began walking and my first thought was, we need to find a church to find food, shelter and safety. I finally found a church and in this church, white sheets were hanging on each side that was forming walls, a corridor to a path that went to the main office of the church. You couldn’t see ahead, but I followed the path. I finally got to the front of the church because it was where the supplies were. As I looked ahead, I saw men sitting down on tables. They were taking the right hand of each person who came to sit, and they were putting a chip into their right hands. The food and supplies they were giving out to the needy were government controlled. You had to take the mark to recieve. The church was giving the mark in the right hand. I thought I can’t go to the churches, where can we go? I can’t go to the house it’s deteriorated as I got out to walk it came to me, I need to go to Mount Zion, I know that’s where the presence of God is. As I was walking, soon before me appeared Mount Zion. I headed to the mountain and began to climb up it with others who were there. As we tried to climb up the mountain there was a huge sandstorm. You couldn’t even see your hand before you. Suddenly my eyes were burning from the sand in them and I couldn’t see. Others were screaming, “I can’t see.” Then I awakened.

The Lord interpreted the dream to me.

America is going to be attacked, it will be suddenly, unexpected, and most are unprepared. The dwelling the houses were many live will not be livable after the attack, and most have not been prepared and have not been listening to the Lord staying prepared, ready to travel. You will not be able to take much with you when this happens and men will be looking for places of refuge and safety, most will run to the churches believing that is where the answer is, but the churches are being run by the government and they must abide by the government rules. You must have a mark and identification to receive federal funds or federal food. Many churches will not know this is the mark of the beast, it’s already been implemented by Obama. Those that are awakening realized that it’s the mark, and they would be looking for other places where the presence of God will be. They will be running to where the dwelling place is with him. But God will blind the minds of men, it will be too late. They did not want to listen to his warnings and they will not be able to find him. When he knocked on the door they didn’t open it, when he spoke to their hearts they hardened them, and now they will have go through much tribulation.

Please consider helping Patti Huson

Her family. They have been struggling for sometime privately but things have gotten to the point that they need help and are publicly asking for help.

I have known Patti for some time and she is not one to ever ask for help and does not want to share her struggles publicly so for her to ask for help in this way means that they are not in a good place.

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  1. Rosalind Maddox

    Thank you for sharing, your dream is a confirmation of my dream. In the early hours of this morning, I had a dream. In the dream, I heard spoken, I have given you dreams before of what is to come, it is no longer what is to come, but it is coming. Get ready now and prepare like never before, this is a warning. That was the end of the dream.

  2. Mike

    So she says “You must have a mark and identification to receive federal funds or federal food. Many churches will not know this is the mark of the beast, it’s already been implemented by Obama.” Does this mean that anyone who is already receiving public assistance has the mark of the beast? Food stamps and disability?

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