Dream, Martial Law

Dream: Martial Law – David Phillips

By David Phillips

3:30 AM, 4/19/2016

I had a dream that the United States went under martial law. We did not know why it was under martial law, all we knew is that it was a national emergency. It was originally assumed by the community that it would only be for a short time. We had running water and electricity, but no information or freedom of movement. There was no more time to make preparations. Those who had prepared were better off, but nobody was happy.

We were only allowed to drive short distances. I got in my car but after driving for only a few minutes somebody came on the radio in my car somehow speaking specifically and directly to me through the radio telling me to turn around or else. I was fearful that I would be killed with a patriot missile or something if I disobeyed. So, I turned around immediately, believing their threats were real. I saw burned out cars all along the roadside.

Only emergency workers and a few others were approved to go to work, most stayed at home. At first everybody just started to play and have fun. We played basketball and went to the nearby store anytime we needed things. People in the community would gather in groups of 10 to 25 people to eat and talk. After a week or so many started saying that they thought things would go back to normal and the “emergency” would be over in a week or two.

As time went on people started getting fearful. We became afraid to go to the store. We were afraid people would know we had money and food and might rob us.

The number of people that played basketball began to dwindle. People started staying at home to protect their family and to avoid people knowing they had money and food. People kept saying the emergency should be over now but I said, to many people’s shock, “We will still be under martial law in September.” There was a big difference now in the way people felt about the government. It was no longer a “government by and for the people, but rather “them versus us” as we were now at the bottom.

Fear began to grow. People began to miss living under the freedom of the Constitution. They began to realize how precious our Constitution had really been to us! As time went on we all began to realize we were powerless to get it back. People would talk about it and how important it was. People began to say we need to get back under our Constitutional ways of life that they had all grown accustomed to. Some of the people loved it so much they began to quiz each other and their children on the details of the Constitution but somehow we all knew it was all lost! Somehow we knew it would never return.

There were a few large gatherings in the area in which Romney was going around talking to people saying they should support him. He came to talk to me. I said I did not want to hear his usual political talk. I told him he should focus on getting back to the Constitution. That was the only important issue. We needed that back. We were tired of lies. We were tired of politicians. I could see right through him and paid him no regard – although many saw him as the hope to returning to normal again, or at least getting better. I saw nothing of Trump or Cruz.

We started to focus more and more upon our supplies and what we needed to get by, specifically FOOD.

I went to the top of a building. There was a person looking into a window of a government building. He said he saw the government leaders all shaking their heads up and down in agreement. The person looking in said that they thought this meant it was all close to being over. I said, “No way.” I knew that they now had taken over complete control of the government of the United States and they would never give it back again as it once was.

I went back to our apartment building. The dog had peed close to our front stairway, but I could not blame him much, because everyone was afraid to go out, even on normal walks, as we did before. It was no longer safe for people or pets to go outside and walk freely.

An attractive lady with the new government came to talk to me. She wanted information about what I thought about the new government. She was trying to gain my trust but her hidden agenda was to get close to the people who knew the real problem was the new government. Then I awoke.

David: God was saying, “You have very little time to make your final emergency preparations.”
Did not know:
How fearful it would be to go to the store. Money did not solve everything. Your best preparation was pre-preparations. Once it started that is it. Your preparations are over. Living is all local. No help from other family in other locations. You are all alone with your neighbors. A spiritual depression gripped everyone. Fear and depression gripped everyone!

When this happened, everything changed. A huge burden, oppression, depression was on everyone.

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