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DREAM: ‘It’s Happening.’ VISION: Heavy Spiritual War – Kim Weir

Kim Weir

DREAM: ‘It’s Happening.’ VISION: Heavy Spiritual War

Friday June 1, 2018

I was in this really big place like a school or hotel but much bigger. I was standing alone in this room that was rather dim. It wasn’t dark. I knew something bad was coming and I had been thinking about it. I was thinking how this darkness has increased and I feel it’s weight at all times. I turned around and looked out the door at the other end of the room I was in. I saw a few people running down the hall (where there was more light) and I thought ‘It is happening. I’m not wrong.’
I went to the doorway and looked out and I saw more people running. There was only this little stream of water moving behind them. Were we getting flooded? Why are they running when there’s so little water?
I stepped out. I didn’t run with the people. It’s strange. I began to explore the building to see what was happening. I went to different rooms and areas and saw more and more people running down halls and from large rooms. They were running the same direction. They weren’t crying or screaming. I knew they were afraid. There was some panic among them. I was alarmed but not terrified. I just watched them.
I got my cell phone to call Randy because I knew he was there in this big place but didn’t know where. It would take a miracle to find him. My kids weren’t with us. As I called him I turned around and saw him and felt a great sense of relief. He had his cell phone on his ear to answer my call. I’d hung up and said ‘there you are. What do we do?’ He said ‘Well the first thing you need to do is get rid of that phone.’ There was rain in the building, it seemed. Not just small streams flowing in on the floor but also coming from above though I can’t say I saw rain.
My hand and phone was a little wet. I tossed the phone without thought and randy and I went outside.
There were white airplanes everywhere. They were taking people out of the area. It was an emergency rescue. I looked over at the other buildings on the street and saw water pouring out of the second story windows. Not the bottom of the windows but the tops of them. The water was not even flooding the ground. It was only several inches deep. I thought ‘this makes no sense.’ But then was thinking ‘this is happening. All I’ve been sensing and feeling was true.’
Randy and I were getting into the plane. A relative was helping us get in them. The planes would only hold 3 passengers. The pilot was at front. This relative helped me get into the spot behind the pilot and Randy got in behind me. He had an unusual calmness. I knew we had training for this. There was a feeling that we were ready for this plane ride.
I looked around and there were no helmets. The pilot wore one (white) but we didn’t have one and it bothered me a little. But we had to go. The plane took off. The sky was gray and cloudy. End
Some Meanings/messages:
  1. You are right. A darkness is here. Some things are about to happen.
  2. Things that will happen will seem impossible. People will think ‘how can this be? (The water anomalies)
  3. The miraculous will happen for my people. (Randy and I finding one another)
  4. You are more prepared than you realize.
I find it important to note that what others saw as something to run from was something that seemed less dangerous to me and my husband. I’ve been meditating on this a lot. I believe there was something bad happening. It was being confirmed to me. We knew we had to get out of there. However, is this something that is going to be much harder for nonbelievers than believers?
As for the airplanes, these planes only held a few passengers. Each held only 2 and the seats were small and narrow and not easy to get in. And there were hundreds of people running out. There were a lot of planes but not enough for everyone when I do the math. And the relative that helped me into the plane is a proud atheist who won’t enter a church nor even bow his head at gatherings while Christians pray. He did not get in the plane. And Randy and I had been ‘trained.’ I believe the airplanes symbolize the Lord and His agents. We were given a way of escape.
As for my concern about the helmets, I just think this is about me being concerned about something that will be a nonissue. Randy wasn’t worried. The pilot wasn’t worried nor were we denied passage due to having no helmet available. And I know we weren’t responsible for having the helmets. This means that I will be concerned about something that will not be concerning. So, I pray about the Lord shows me what this is.
You know, I speak as though this is all about future events but I know some things are already happening. We are in the midst of a very heated battle that will only get more heated, friends. It’s here now. I know this because God gave me a vision a few days ago.
I was praying and I saw powerful demons like I have not seen before in any vision. Then I saw and felt large and powerful angels battling with them. It was very intense and I have not seen anything like this before. This wasn’t a vision of what will happen. It was a vision of what IS happening right now in the earth.
I wept and prayed more.

Kim Weir

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  1. Mihaela Frincu

    Thank you Jesus, for all your prophets!
    Praise God!

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