Dream: “It’s Coming Soon!” – Marty Breeden

By Marty Breeden

“It’s Coming Soon!”
Dream June 12,2017

I saw in a night vision MUCH CHAOS around coming soon. I saw Gospel meetings set up to quickly share the gospel as world events begin to quickly, very quickly disintegrate.
I saw special emergency meetings taking place everywhere even in the U.S. and Canada and even the church in Israel.
Meetings of strategy to pray and discuss target areas to present Christ to people to people quickly knowing the “time was at hand”.
I saw several mass exoduses of people’s as they gathered in their vehicles and RVs.
Some in an attempt to escape the coming judgments, yet others with a knowing they were coming, attempting to make it to other family just to spend their last hours with their loved ones.
I saw one group , a BATTLE hardened well versed group witnessing to Jews in Israel. I saw another group of Spirit empowered believers, normal everyday people ,going to those who were stranded on the Interstates trying to make it to safety and friends and loved ones, and sharing Jesus with them and trying to prepare their hearts for that which is coming up in the land and for the soon return of the Lord.
I saw the look on some of these dear faithful Saints giving of themselves, knowing that their time was short, and many would faint, and get exhausted, but they saw the need, so they pressed forth.
Many were open because they were fearful and scared and entire families would get saved while be witnessed to by one of these firebranded believers, as they were in their cars, trucks, vans and RVs stuck in traffic.
Others would reject and would be vile to those who shared and they learned to immediately go to the next car, family because the need was so great and the time was so short.
All throughout seeing this astonishing move of the Holy Spirit, every vehicle you would approach , you could hear constant updates as to what was happening.
I recall Israel and the Middle East being mentioned at almost every stop.
People were frantic to get the latest update,the newest news because they were aware at any second , bad tidings were to come to them.
Then there appeared to be a sudden uptick in activity, both in the bad news and the works of these evangelist. As more and more bad news poured in now, they worked even harder, not in a frantic way, but a firm and calculated way.
They would go to those that were obviously open to the Gospel , share , and then lead them to Christ.
There was a palatable sense when the last minutes begin to wind down. Many accepting their fate, sadly many despondent, yet others hungry to hear and thirsty for that Living Water!!
Many many ushered in and swept into the Kingdom on the roadsides, in the bar, in community meetings it seemed that anywhere there was a gathering of the people, God would have a representative there.
It seemed as it was stated in a popular novel, “It was the best of times, It was the worst of times”……
GOD MOVED POWERFULLY TO REACH THE LOST in those last hours and last moments!!!
I awoke….


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