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DREAM INTERPRETATION: Help Interpreting Dream by Servant of God – 10/10/2020 – Handmaid of the Most High

DREAM INTERPRETATION: Help Interpreting Dream by Servant of God – 10/10/2020

October 11, 2020 2:49 PM
Handmaid of the Most High



The dream receiver represents Humans of the world. Later this author, also represents both Humankind and the body of Christ at the end.

Female forcing the poisoning. Represents quite a few different persons. She is destroying the dreamer/human kind. While pretending to do otherwise by actually engaging that person, she is distracting her with her true intent. Thus she is industry that is poisoning the earth’s people through chemicals in the air, soil, and that which is taken into the human body. Thus, she represents big corporations such as chemical companies that create toxic chemicals to kill animals, insects, plants and people. Of the pharmaceutical companies that kill people while pretending to be “curing them” with pills, liquids (formula replacing breast milk for profit), defoliates (agent orange and similar chemicals), insecticides that may kill (beetles but also bees and butterflies that pollinate crops), weedkillers that allow grass to grow but also bees and butterflies and pets as well and destroy wildlife when it runs into streams, lakes, marshlands and oceans, killing the animals that eat the poisoned animals and causing algae blooms which kill plants, animals, insects and oxygen. So, while one problem is resolved more significant problems result. She also represents the agents that work on behalf of the evil one. These are the frontline soldiers, who take orders from the top, the Rulers in High Places. They are the ones, few have heard of but who plant their destruction. At the end, she has been satan’s agent, destroying the human body but not the spirit.

The boyfriend is representing the top soldiers in this hierarchy. He is handpicked by the top leaders of industry and countries, who knows what “must” be done but is responsible in seeing that those who have ordered to commit atrocities complete their tasks. He represents the captains of industry, who control the big picture. Those in charge, that some know of, but few know how deep these people, who were selected for their jobs, their loyalties to those above always take precedence and if a fall guy is needed at some point, they will be the ultimate one to take a fall if those in the shadows choose.

These boyfriends are always afraid of being caught and even typically, they are blackmailed for very shameful acts. They may even be perceived as righteous but they are truly evil to the core and do not want their reputation tarnished and will lie through their teeth, even throwing loved ones under the bus if need be because they are selfish and self-serving and only care for themselves. They are narcissists through and through and lying doesn’t bother them in the slightest. They have always lied to achieve the end goal. So, they are only bothered if they get caught lying and it is because of the consequences (prison, death penalty or demotion that concerns them), they never are ashamed. They are fully servants of the devil and they work for the evil one, with total unity and think that satan needs them!

This man especially is the one who makes the rules and thus is equal to those that are complicit as well as those we accept as guides such as Bill Gates, who is telling us how and why we need a vaccine that will destroy us our mind, body and spirit, though he is a computer person and never trained in the sciences yet, patented the C Virus in 2016 and the patent is 060606!). They are about to kill us but they are pretending that they are not!

Both the girlfriend and boyfriend are killers have no doubt. They just play different roles.

Further in the dream, he represents the “one”, who so despises the body of Christ, that He must make them disappear. It must be done with stealth, so that there is no outcry against what is done. We have been told these are “normal”. Now, we can’t speak to one another because we can not gather together in worship but it is fine if we want to eat or drink alcohol. We must wear masks and stand six feet away (at least) and not be To-GET-HER except to buy food, shop, or otherwise spend money to keep the financial system working. The masks are conditioning to further bondage. It is also a worldwide treatment of those enslaved! It shows submission/BONDAGE to another authority for thousands of years!!! He is ultimately the agent of satan, the Anti-Christ and satan both.

He is taking orders from are the elites that are over these generals carrying out the orders to kill. He doesn’t want to be seen. They hide in the shadows and most don’t even know who they are (George Soros, the Jesuits, Mormons (the outer shell of the freemasons), freemasons, Rockefellers, Rothchilds and other elites world wide). They are afraid that if the world sees (represented by the security cameras) sees their agenda, they won’t be submissive to their plans!

It is all coming. Those pills are representing the poisons in the vaccines which will kill the body’s Human DNA and removing you from the ability to go to eternal rest but instead torment (represented by your total awareness of their plans but unable to stop them. Much of what I have typed has been destroyed 4x thus far. I am battling so hard to speak the truth the Lord is sharing and combating these boyfriends for the elites. I have shared many of these same things about the masks representing the bondages and all their plans to kill and destroy any resistance to their utter control over every mind and the body it resides in to turn you into a type of robot. A transhuman, you will no longer think or operate on your own and because you made the choice to submit, you will not be protected! It has always been about your freewill. The choice to live only for the Freedom offered through the Creator or the enemy, the rebellious one, the one who is a false light. He is so angry that he lost his position, he wants no one to have the eternal joy. He wants servants! He wants YOU!

I can’t spend all my time fighting to even type and retype the word, then hours locating scripture and placing it here because of your ignorance or laziness. I pray that those who are not as embattled by my former bosses, the Gates, Rockefellers, Rothchilds, etc. will maybe find a few to guide you. If not, you need to find it, read your Bible while it still exists! It will be gone soon. I won’t be your resource nor will others. You will be completely responsible, either be ready or not, HERE HE COMES!

It is about to happen ladies and gentlemen, your choice, heaven and hell, life and death are before you.



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