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Dream Interpretation: Extreme Food Rationing by Mike F. – Lisa Sabbath Seekers

Dream Interpretation:
Extreme Food Rationing by Mike F.

2020/02/23 at 3:19 AM
Lisa Sabbath Seekers

Before reading further please read original dream by Mike F. Titled EXTREME FOOD RATIONING 


I am writing to you for I did receive much discernment from your dream of 2.19.2020

“3 tomatoes”..3 days..House of Hunan. = 3 years under 1 house – One world order under 1 house of communistic style control Lots of 3’s I will address here but first; Hunan, China is 300 miles from Wuhan, China. The bars on the grocery represent blocking or limitations; being kept from And authority over food distribution. I see martial law as exercising Authority over both food and water.

The 3 tomatoes represent the amount of years of rationing food. ” Red” tomatoe…red representing a time of war and/or communist type control over resources/freedoms. Being back in your home, you were looking to get water and saw militarization control again over resource but the soldier was also inside a house guarding water supply. This represents both quarantine as no one was outside and He was also in a quarantine state as you were. Bottled water means all water supplies through tap and natural resources were not safe or drinkable.

The cloud darkened from ground up represented these dark days ( 3 years of darkness) evil forces in charge, and the spiritual warfare happening. All out calamity from the ground up….plagues, famines, pestilence, war both physical war and spiritual as you were wrestling in the spirit as well.

Hunan China being 300 miles away from Wuhan confirm both the 3 years of this time of Darkness and the “Red” and the 3 years of a communist style control…could be China forces occupying or just communist style takeover by A ONE World Power…which we know to be total control. HUNAN means hot, red…” Red Dragon” This Prince of the air ” Red Dragon gives it’s power to the rising of the beast from the sea is the dark cloud from the ground up that we will wrestle with during this physical time of trial in our Full Armor in the spiritual.

Your dream confirms a few of mine. 3 days Warning before 3 Days of Darkness (Message received 9.17.2017- meaning 3 years warning before 3 years of darkness) For my message received, this would began a very dark time beginning Sept. 2020 as the warning time now has been almost 3 years… Three years of this dark time will come…see… Acts 20:31 I prayed and asked Father to help me understand your dream and this is what was put on my heart.

God bless you in Jesus name.,

Lisa Sabbath Seekers


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