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Dream: Instructions for After the Invasion – Susan Smith

Susan Smith

I got these two dreams many years ago,

Dream #1-

Me and hundreds of people were using a mall as a Shelter after the bombing. The stores had all been looted and all that was left was the shell of the mall. People were all walking around as zombies saying, “we can’t believe this happened. We can’t believe we were bombed.” They were walking around trying to find friends and family but were all still in a state of deep shock. Suddenly the Lord said, “start singing one of my songs.” I said ” Lord, I can’t sing good.” He said ” start singing” So I stood next to a wall and started singing .. Amazing Grace would be a good song but in dream, I don’t remember what song it was. When I started singing people started coming to listen so I kept singing praise songs to God and the music began to calm them down. When a crowd came, I began encouraging them in the Lord and they listened.

Lesson: Music and praise and the Word of God will bring light to the dark world.

Dream #2-

In the dream it was night and I was walking crying because the new government had confiscated everyone’s Bibles and they were burning them. There was a big dump truck of Bibles and many bonfires as the men shoveled Bibles into the fires. As I walked I saw one Bible on the edge not burning so I waited until the men’s backs were turned and grabbed the Bible and stuck it under my coat and continued walking. I felt like the Lord said” you will need to tear this Bible and give pages to Believers.” And I replied to Him ” now we are just like China.” Then the dream ended.

Lesson: When I recalled the dream this week, I felt like the Lord said “they will confiscate your Bibles and books but they will not take the time initially to search through all the papers so write or print portions of The Word of God, writing is better because they will just think it is notes…and fold them up to look casual and hide them in different places to look like scrap paper- favorite verses and whole portions of the Word if you can. Write them down now and hide them.

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