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Dream: If you don’t take Obama’s 666 tattoo you got the guillotine – Andrea de Yeshua

Andrea de Yeshua

August 17, 2018

So many dreams about Obama lately! I had one a couple weeks. In the dream I was 16 years old again.. (weird) and I was attending this weird looking school.. it looked more like a dark castle.. Obama was the principal.. he came up to me and said, “if you want to be a part of this school, we have to go take your picture but before we get your picture taken, you have to wear our tattoo..” so I said.. ok cool let’s go! So we went to another room and I was watching a boy getting “tattooed” when he got up, he looked like he was mind controlled and I looked at his neck where the tattoo was and he was bleeding.. but he had the number “666“.. so I looked at Obama and said.. I am not doing that! I won’t do it! Then he smiled at me and said.. “If you don’t then look what is gonna happen to you..” he pointed to the right to another room and there was a guillotine…

I somehow got away in my dream but I remember there were people/robots hunting me down. Then woke up. 😐

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  1. Geir Smith


    Did you know that the day Obama made his acceptance speech in Chicago the Illinois State Lottery’s winning Powerball numbers were 666? It’s proof he’s the Antichrist, right? What chances are there that that number comes up. Statistically it’s impossible. So that’s 100% proof that Obama’s the Antichrist.

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