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Dream: If you don’t take Obama’s 666 tattoo you got the guillotine – Andrea de Yeshua

Andrea de Yeshua

August 17, 2018

So many dreams about Obama lately! I had one a couple weeks. In the dream I was 16 years old again.. (weird) and I was attending this weird looking school.. it looked more like a dark castle.. Obama was the principal.. he came up to me and said, “if you want to be a part of this school, we have to go take your picture but before we get your picture taken, you have to wear our tattoo..” so I said.. ok cool let’s go! So we went to another room and I was watching a boy getting “tattooed” when he got up, he looked like he was mind controlled and I looked at his neck where the tattoo was and he was bleeding.. but he had the number “666“.. so I looked at Obama and said.. I am not doing that! I won’t do it! Then he smiled at me and said.. “If you don’t then look what is gonna happen to you..” he pointed to the right to another room and there was a guillotine…

I somehow got away in my dream but I remember there were people/robots hunting me down. Then woke up. 😐

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