Dream: I will take you where you should go! – Marty Breeden

Marty Breeden

November 24, 2018

Dream 11-24-2018

Last night I had a very odd dream.
I saw myself and many others running to and fro, being busy with life as most of us are.
I remember being extremely tired and frustrated.

I was in a strange land that I was not familiar with.
I then heard the familiar voice of the Lord calling.
He said:
“Go down to the waters edge and wait.”

I went down to a beautiful boat landing and I saw an old, old boat.
This boat looked beat up and tattered and worn.
I could tell this boat had been through many storms.

I then heard the Lord say:
“Now get in the boat, and I will take you where you should go!”
I then noticed that the boat did not have an oar in it.

I said: Lord, there is no oar in this boat, how am I supposed to go anywhere?”
He answered and said:
“Get in the boat, you don’t need to paddle, I will take you where you need to go!”
(this is funny, He also said, “Son, I know you, don’t use your hands either, let me do it all.”)

So I climbed in the boat and we took off. The boat came to a small town and the Lord said :
“There is a woman here who needs to be ministered to, go find her.”

I exited the boat and almost immediately found a woman setting at a picnic table weeping.
I walked up to her and the Lord said:
“She has recently had a miscarriage, her heart is broke, ….Tell her the child is safely in Heaven with me, and very soon she will be with her child again!”

I delivered this message and the woman wept in praise.

I returned to the boat.
Again we moved through the waters and we came upon what appeared to be party.
I got out of the boat

I looked out over the crowd of people and they were drinking and dancing and the music was almost deafening.
The Lord said:

I went through the crowd and warned as many as I could, but most just laughed and some even mocked, yet I still warned !

I then left and returned to the boat, but I was discouraged.
I heard the Lord say:
“Do not be discouraged my son, you did what I told you to do!”

The boat took off again and I had many other encounters, but that is all I will share for now.

*One important note is, that while I was on the boat,and reaching out to the people, the sun was setting fast and night was only a very short time away!!

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