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Dream: Huge Tidal Wave – Janet Jones Carpenter

Janet Jones Carpenter

Saturday October 20, 2018

Friday, October 19th Dream- Awoke at 1:21 am

I was focused was given an aerial view of a beach that was in a half moon shape to my right and the ocean was to my left. I understood that the ocean was on the left (south) and the beach was on the right (north). It was daytime yet cloudy and overcast. Then saw three very modern homes built on a beach. All three homes looked identical and were literally built on the sandy shoreline. Behind the houses was what looked like a touristy town just a few feet above the beach. The houses looked almost like cubes. They appeared to be gray as if built out of concrete and were full of windows. The windows wrapped around the corners facing the ocean. Each home appeared to be about 3 or 4 stories tall. The houses were very close together.

Then I found myself in one of the houses. It was the house on the farthest East side of the beach.
The house was empty and the structure gave a sense of unfeeling. The understanding came to me; it was my responsibility to clean the windows in this house that were facing the ocean. As I viewed the expanse of windows facing the ocean and speculated how I would accomplish this task due to the high ceilings, I noticed something.

There was a huge tidal wave coming towards the beach. This caused me to try to reach a high point for safety. While running up the stairs to try to reach the highest point in the house, the house next door was clearly visible through the windows. Inside that house I saw my two young sons. They too were running up the stairs to the highest point. At the moment I saw them, they smiled back at me, and the understanding came to me that they had been tasked with cleaning the windows in that house. My heart raced out of concern for my children.

Then the tidal wave hit the houses. It did not make it to the top of the houses. It encompassed the lower levels of the houses and expanded beyond the beach into the touristy town. Then the wave receded back into the ocean.

Then I looked and saw a second wave coming that was much bigger than the first. This wave overtook all the houses. I felt the ocean water and struggled to stay above it in the house. The house I was in was still standing, but the house my two young sons were in was totally destroyed. I was devastated. The wave receded back into the ocean again. I ran down the stairs and onto the beach towards the location of the other house. I was searching for my two young sons and could not find them. While I was on my knees in the water crying for the loss of them, I prayed to God that he had taken them to be with him.

Then I awoke crying at 1:21 am.

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