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Dream: Get Ready It Is Coming Soon!

June 13, 2022 8:59 AM

June 9, 2022

Scriptural Reference: Please Read All Of Matthew Chapter 24

The dream was already well in progress, the end is all I remember. I was walking down a road, all of a sudden there was huge snow on the ground (in Winter or a freak snow storm?), but I never saw it fall. As I continued North (towards Heaven & God) I noticed a young man to my right side (Godly), but he was wearing sneakers on his feet (unprepared for what is coming?). He is a son of a family I know in real life. His father is a Christian media internet personality, who is strongly Pro-Life, anti-abortion, anti-NWO and critical of the collapse and evil in the Catholic Church.

Suddenly the whole family, parents and children were walking together as a unit, along the same direction I was taking, though separate from me. We all made a turn in the road, though I was still walking on my own and they entered a house. I saw the door close behind them. I continued a short distance and turned right myself to enter an art gallery. I saw lots of pictures lining both side walls of a long room, as I entered and moved into the gallery. The owner of the gallery (the world: God) came towards me to greet me. Suddenly, my vision went totally black (the darkness when The Warning Experience begins). The gallery owner guided me to a chair, by the hand and I sat down, introducing me to a beautiful lady named CHRISTine. She had long golden colored curls of hair that fell to her shoulders. She was sitting with a movie film camera on a tripod, directly facing me and was going to interview me. It was just about to start and I woke-up with a start.

The is The Warning Experience/Illumination of Conscience!


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