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Dream: Flood of Blood – Violet John

Violet John

January 28, 2019

Last night i had a dream which really shook me. In my dream i am standing in front of Statue of Liberty monument. There are hundreds of people who are also standing and taking pictures in front of this monument. All of sudden statue of liberty monument started to break up into pieces. At first the torch break up & falls in water and after few moments later all monument break up and falls in water.
As Statue of Liberty monument falls in the water, the water turns into dark red color like blood. There are some boats in the water but as water turn red those boats also break up into pieces.I heard people shouting,crying and running on the roads to save their lives.In my dream I saw some big bridges with a lot of cars and then all of sudden those bridge collapse and everyone falls in the water.
I saw streets and roads filled with blood, it feels like flood of blood is running everywhere and destroying everything. But there is a one Huge white building which is safe from all damage and as i entered in the building, I saw hundreds of newborn babies with blood stains and they all are crying so badly.
In my dream i remember crying to God for mercy. I bend on my knees and keep crying and asking to help these babies. Then moments later i saw more people coming into that white building and they also bend on their knees and started praying with me and asking God for His mercy. Slowly slowly the strength of people increased and Now we all are praying and asking God for forgiveness and His mercy. And my dream ends here.

I don’t know the exact meaning of this dream but God has placed in my heart that we all pray for USA. We need to pray for the Government and ask God for guidance and protection. My Friends the time is here and HE is coming soon…..

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  1. Aubry Leighton

    The average American is unaware of the truest reason God is raging against America.

    Because my background came out the culture of human sacrifice and canabilism practiced in America. It has been going on for hundreds of years in the world, and become so institutionalized and reaching into every area and level of government, finance, power, and position…

    The Cult of Molech-Ba’al is alive, entrenched, and running this country. And like in this vision here, WE ALL NEED TO BE PROSTRATE ON OUR FACES BEGGING MERCY, BECAUSE WE LET IT HAPPEN.

    Every day IN THIS COUNTRY, aborted fetuses, infants, children, teenagers, women and men, are suffering at thevhands of these Cultists, and they are the driving force behind Satanism in America. Killing and eating the flesh of babies, and profiting because of it. I am sick to death of this, myself. For 42 years now, I havevresearched and spent time tryin to express the horrors going on, but no one wants to believe.

    Your dream is how it WILL be, at any time now. Be pre-emptive: REPENT! REPENT! REPENT!


  2. David Mehew

    I’m asking the Lord to show me a little of the future. From what I’ve read it will be beyond comprehension. The judgement will cause many to lose their minds (my thought), we must find a way to make up for lost time. Praying for America is futile, we should only pray for a way to awaken people to the truth without causing fear .The accuser is looking now for us to waste time and effort on things that won’t produce results.

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